ZoomWV Training

The WVDE has established a ZoomWV Training Plan to ensure that people are able to use and understand ZoomWV's data dashboard. Resources like online user guides, webinars, and live demonstrations are being offered to a variety of stakeholders for training purposes. The ZoomWV Training Plan has also been tailored to provide informational resources that are specific to each phase of ZoomWV's launch. If you are interested in learning more about WVDE's ZoomWV Training Plan, you can use the link above to see the full plan. You can also view a ZoomWV Training Handout for a visual representation of the plan.

ZoomWV Training Request Form for Educators

If you are an educator who would like the WVDE to provide ZoomWV training to your RESA, county, or school, please complete the online ZoomWV Training Request Form. Please submit requests at least one month prior to the suggested date for the training.


You may also refer to the guides below if you'd like to get started right away and familiarize yourself with navigating the data dashboard.

Scheduled ZoomWV Training Sessions

The calendar below provides all of the ZoomWV Training Sessions currently scheduled. Educators can use this calendar to find dates available for training when completing the ZoomWV Training Request Form. In addition, this calendar will provide dates and times of webinars that are open to the public. Click on the event, then the 'more details' link to see a hyperlink for public webinar registration. Events in blue are private training sessions, and events with no highlighting are open to the public.

Click here to go to the data dashboard.
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