Maintaining Security

Maintaining Security WVDE works proactively to maintain security within our education information system—from the classroom to the state department. Federal and state privacy policies guide our work to ensure that our students' information is safe in our data system and is used only for legitimate educational purposes.

Technical Security

WVDE has several levels of policy and procedure to safeguard our students' educational records. The department uses various technical security measures—like encrypting sensitive data during transmission and using secure log-on credentials to limit access according to staff roles and information needs.

WVDE staff work to stay informed about the latest practices in using technology to secure information. Updates to security systems and procedures are introduced as needed to ensure that the best possible measures are used to secure our students' data. To learn more about the security of our network design, click here.

Limiting Access

To access any individual student data within the West Virginia Education Information System and ZoomWV, a staff member must have a signed security agreement on file describing the reason he/she needs access and approved by a supervisor. After being granted access, all staff must complete a training session describing their responsibilities with respect to the security and privacy of student data. Staff members only have access to a limited amount of information based on their needs for doing their jobs to support schools and students' achievement.

Data Governance

In addition to maintaining policies and formal procedures to protect student data, WVDE employs staff charged with the task of working across the Department and throughout the state to ensure that all staff remember the importance of protecting students' records and implement best practices to do so. District and school staff participate in data privacy and security trainings regularly across the state to review and discuss federal and state laws and policies, strategies for keeping information safe, and approaches for dealing with requests for access to student records.

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