Customers for Keeps

Your entire guest service team will benefit from this one-day, how-to seminar. They will learn how to deliver exceptional service and partner with customers, resulting in more repeat business, great word-of-mouth advertising, and increased profitability.

Customers for Keeps works equally well for first time WV HEAT training participants or as a follow-up to our highly-successful West Virginia Welcome customer service training program!

Who is Customers for Keeps Designed For?

Any company or organization whose personnel have daily contact with the general public (not just travelers) can benefit from the Customers for Keeps program.

What do Customers for Keeps Participants Learn?

This High-Impact Seminar Covers:

  • Calculating the Actual Cost of a Dissatisfied Guest to Your Operation
  • Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication
  • Active Listening
  • Anticipating Guest Needs and Expectations
  • The Power of a Positive Attitude
  • And much more!

How is Customers for Keeps Delivered?

Customers for Keeps was created to enhance and complement practically any organization's existing training program while working equally well as stand-alone training. Professionally produced, well-written, handbooks and other supplemental materials allow the WV HEAT trainers to present the course in a single day.

How Much Does Customers for Keeps Training Cost?

$300 registration fee per class. All materials are included. There is a maximum of 25 employees per class.