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These are vacancies in the
WV Department of Education.
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Title of Vacancy

Administrative Unit
West Virginia Board of Education

Duties and Responsibilities
The West Virginia Board of Education (“State Board”) is seeking qualified candidates for the position of State Superintendent of Schools. The State Board is a twelve-member body (with nine members appointed by the Governor upon the advice and consent of the West Virginia Senate) and has constitutional authority for the general supervision of public schools in West Virginia. The State Superintendent serves at the will and pleasure of the State Board as its executive officer and administrator of the West Virginia Department of Education (“Department”). 
West Virginia’s public school system, consisting of 55 county school districts, serves more than 273,000 students in grades Pre-k-12, with an operating budget in excess of 2.4 billion dollars. More information about this posting and the West Virginia Department of Education may be found on the web at  

The West Virginia Board of Education, West Virginia executive and legislative leaders, school/Department staff, and citizen groups share a broad consensus on the goals and challenges for West Virginia’s schools, and that frame the requirements for a new Superintendent. S/he shall: 
• Meet the requirements of W. Va. Code § 18-3-1 (see below); 
• Hold at least a master’s degree in education, with at least five years of experience in public school work at the county and/or state level, with direct experience in West Virginia education law and policy preferred; 
• Be the voice of West Virginia’s public education system, willing to work collaboratively with the Governor, the Legislature, county superintendents and local school boards, teachers and educational organizations, parents, citizens, higher education entities, and the business community to identify key challenges and articulate policy in ways that draw competing perspectives together, specifically to meet the needs of West Virginians; 
• Have demonstrated sensitivity to the needs of students and staff from differing geographic, economic, ethnic, cultural, and special needs backgrounds, and have a track record of actively promoting, and improving student achievement from every level of academic preparation and learning style; 
• Be an educational leader well versed in federal and state legislation pertaining to education, who will speak effectively for the schools, representing the system, and articulating educational goals and policy to stakeholders and constituencies; 
• Have a thorough knowledge and understanding of standards, curriculum, assessment, and accountability with a vision for positioning West Virginia as a national leader; 
• Have a sophisticated understanding of technology and how it is used and integrated with curriculum, standards, and assessment; 
• Have a thorough knowledge and understanding of instructional design, implementation and measurement, and have demonstrated success in this arena; 
• Have demonstrated ability to lead strategic planning and effectively implement, monitor, adjust, and evaluate all aspects of the process;  
• Understand budgets and the budgeting process; 
• Demonstrate a capacity and willingness to build trust among Department staff and other stakeholders, with evidence of outstanding leadership and management accomplishments; and 
• Have highly developed skills as a communicator and facilitator in working with the State Board, with the ability to generate and engage in dialogue, present options and challenges, and be responsive to the State Board. 
Chapter 18. EDUCATION.  
West Virginia Code § 18-3-1. Appointment; qualifications; compensation; traveling expenses; office and residence; evaluation.  
There shall be appointed by the state board a State Superintendent of Schools who serves at the will and pleasure of the state board. He or she shall be a person of good moral character, shall be able to perform the duties listed in this article and possess such other educational, administrative, experiential and other qualifications as determined by the State Board of Education. He or she shall hold at least a master's degree from a regionally accredited institution of higher education or equivalent degree as determined by the state board. He or she shall receive an annual salary set by the state board, to be paid monthly. The state superintendent also shall receive necessary traveling expenses incident to the performance of his or her duties to be paid out of the General School Fund upon warrants of the State Auditor. The state superintendent shall have his or her office at the state Capitol. The state board shall report to the Legislative Oversight Commission on Education Accountability upon request concerning its progress during any hiring process for a state superintendent.  
The state board annually shall evaluate the performance of the state superintendent and publicly announce the results of the evaluation.  
Application Process 
All applicants should submit an application which includes: 
1) Letter of application stating qualifications, experiences, and reasons for interest in the position; 
2) Current resume; 
3) Narrative of experience; 
4) Certifications/Licensure; and 
5) Minimum of three professional references and one community member reference who may be contacted.  

Salary negotiable within legislative appropriation, based on experience, and qualifications.

Closing Date (by 4:00pm Eastern Daylight Time)
March 10, 2017

Apply to
Thomas W. Campbell, President 
WV Board of Education 
Capitol Building 6, Room 617 
1900 Kanawha Boulevard, East 
Charleston, WV 25305 


WVDE Employment Application

Application and Instructions.

The West Virginia Board of Education and the West Virginia Department of Education do not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, color, religion, disability, age and national origin in employment and in administration of any of their education programs and activities. Inquiries may be directed to the Office of Human Resources at (304) 558-2702 or to the Section 504 Coordinator at (304) 558-2696, West Virginia Department of Education, 1900 Kanawha Boulevard, East, Charleston, West Virginia 25305; or to the Office of Civil Rights at (215) 656 8541 [TDD (877) 521-2172], U.S. Department of Education, 100 Penn Square East, Suite 515, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19107-3323.