West Virginia Commission for Professional Teaching Standards


The West Virginia Commission for Professional Teaching Standards (Commission) consists of 21 members representing the major constituents within the educational community.

Functions of the Commission

The major functions of the Commission are to develop and recommend to the West Virginia Board of Education a systematic plan for the professional development of educators that begins with recruitment and concludes upon retirement. Major components within this continuum include initial preparation, licensure and continuing professional development. With the primary objective of improving teaching and learning in the public schools, the Commission's functions include development recommendations and evaluation of the initial preparation, licensure, professional development, and administrative functions.

Mission and Goals

The mission of the Commission is to ensure that every student is served by competent educators who meet rigorous preparation and licensure standards by recommending to the State Board standards and practices for the development and approval of preparation programs, licensure and continuing development of educational personnel.

The goals of the Commission are:

Appeals Panels

The Licensure Appeal Panel consists of seven members.  This panel may provide an opportunity for an appeal hearing following a recommendation from the West Virginia Department of Education's Office of Educator Effectiveness and Licensure for a denial for cause using procedures established in West Virginia Board of Education Policies 5050 (West Virginia Commission for Professional Teaching Standards) and 1340 (Rules of Procedure for Administrative Hearings and Appeals).

The Professional Practice Panel consists of seven members.  All contested cases of revocation are referred to the Professional Practice Panel by the State Superintendent of Schools for a review of the evidence and a recommendation regarding the proposed revocation. Any hearing held by the Professional Practice Panel shall be conducted in accordance with the procedures outlined in Policy 1340 (Rules of Procedure for Administrative Hearings and Appeals).

Appeals for Denial of Certification

Since its establishment, the Licensure Appeal Panel has been available to hear the appeals of applicants who were denied certification for cause.

Revoked/Suspended Certificates

Since its establishment, the Professional Practice Panel has made recommendations to the State Superintendent for the revocation and/or suspension of certificates held by educators based on the findings of investigations conducted by the West Virginia Department of Education.


The West Virginia Board of Education is committed to staffing every school and providing every student with competent educators. The State Board recognizes that teachers, administrators and higher education faculty can and must work together to improve the education profession and to enhance educational opportunities for all students in West Virginia. The State Board also recognizes that it must maintain effective communication with the education community to sustain the high quality education that the public deserves and expects.

Therefore, the State Board establishes the West Virginia Commission for Professional Teaching Standards. This Commission enables the education community to promote and demand excellence in the preparation and performance of the state's education professionals. It creates a framework to ensure that educators who are licensed by the state possess the knowledge and skills to deliver a quality public education to our current and future citizens. The Commission's charge is to advise the State Board on legislation, policies and regulations that ensure excellence in the educational profession and reflect research and best practices in the preparation and performance of professional educators.

Commission Members 2017-2018

Chair - Dr. Karen Petitto
MaryJane Albin PopeCounty Superintendent
Belinda BakerSpecial Education Teacher
Tonya BlackburnElementary School Teacher
Mary Sue BurnsHigh School Teacher
Matthew CoxHigh School Teacher
Dr. Teresa EaglePublic Higher Education Representative
Christy FoxMiddle School Teacher
James (Pat) GrayCounty Board Member
Stephanie HyreLayperson
Lee JonesElementary Principal
Jeremy KnightMiddle School Teacher
Paula MeadowsMiddle School Teacher
Delegate David PerryMember, State Board of Education
Dr. Karen PetittoPrivate Higher Education Representative
Lt. George RaderLayperson
Jason RedmanSecondary Principal
Dr. Melissa SpivyPublic Higher Education Representative
Molly TaylorMiddle School Teacher
Mary Ann TestermanCareer Technical Education Teacher
Becky WoodLayperson
VacantElementary School Teacher