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WV Virtual School
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Welcome Virtual School Contacts!

The county superintendent identifies a Virtual School contact at each school. The Virtual School Contact provides access to courses through the WVVS for students. Virtual School Contact duties include, but are not limited to:

  • timely completion of an online training course in order to obtain a WVVS password;
  • communicating with school staff, students and parents of WVVS students on the process for enrollment and guidelines for participation;
  • working cooperatively with the school counselor to ensure that virtual course selection is consistent with the student’s educational plan and curriculum requirements;
  • assisting students in obtaining email accounts through the state email system;
  • facilitating the student registration process and approving registrations of students; 
  • obtaining access to textbooks, computer hardware and software, or other materials necessary for WVVS participation (obtaining access to computer hardware or other equipment does not imply that state, county or school will purchase hardware for student use outside the school setting);
  • entering the appropriate course code for WVVS courses into the WVEIS data system (course code must include the letter V in the fifth digit of the course code to indicate the course is a virtual course);
  • working with the administrator to identify local course facilitators;
  • working cooperatively with the local course facilitator to ensure that course grades in the WVEIS data system in a timely manner; and
  •  attending WVVS training events to stay abreast of changes in the program.

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