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Guidelines for Non-Public Student Virtual School Participation


Students enrolled in West Virginia Schools other than West Virginia Public Schools, may enroll in courses through the West Virginia Virtual School (WVVS).  Based on state-wide, total non-public school enrollment figures, five percent of the WVVS funding allotted for tuitions, will be made available to the non-public school students.  If the conditions outlined below are met, and there are non-expended funds still available, the non-public student’s course tuition will be funded by WVVS funds.  Any tuition funding requests must be made before September 30th for the school year in which it is to be used.  Enrollments made after that date, or after funds have been expended, must be funded by the student’s non-public school or parent.




  1. Funding is on a first come, first served, basis until September 30th of the requested school year.  WVVS will pay student tuitions as long as funds remain in the five percent non-public school allotment.
  2. The non-public student must enroll in a public school in order to have the appropriate WVEIS numeration and alignment with the pre-registration form prior to enrollment in the virtual class.
  3. The online course may be taken from a home or school location chosen by the student and non-public school; however any assessments that require proctoring must be taken at the school of enrollment.
  4. The facilitator and/ or mentor of record must be from the public enrolling school.
  5. The public school of enrollment will grant credit for the completed online course and this credit may be transferred to the non-public school.