Greetings to Parents and Guardians!

WV Virtual School Spanish offers courses for 7th and 8th grade (1A and 1B), and high school (Spanish I-IV and AP Spanish). The program was developed to provide opportunities to students in West Virginia schools who would not otherwise have access to world language classes. Students engage in creative, highly interactive curriculum with guidance from highly qualified WV certified Spanish instructors.

Students receive one high school credit upon successful completion of the 1A and 1B courses (in 7th and 8th grade respectively).  The courses are rigorous and challenging and require students to take responsibility for their own learning. Parental support is vital to a student’s success in a virtual course. Ask the following questions as you and your student consider enrolling in the virtual Spanish program:

Is your child prepared for online learning? Online learning requires specific technical abilities, excellent study habits, and communication skills. The link below will help you determine your student’s readiness for an online course: 

How can I support my online learner? Because the content for the virtual Spanish course is fully online, your student can access it with any Internet-accessible computer from school, from home, or from a public library. Additionally, your child is expected to take notes and use the Student Resource Guide in class and at home to prepare for assignments and assessments. Talk directly with your child about his or her progress and grades. Help him/her develop good time management skills by developing a personal schedule or “to do” list. Encourage your child to contact the teacher for assistance.

How can I track my child’s progress in the online course? Auditor accounts are free and available for parents wishing to monitor student progress. To register, please complete the form at: 

Spanish 1A (7th grade) Parental Consent:  Parents and students should fill out the Parental Consent Form and return it to the school during Spring registration. WVVS Spanish Parental Consent Form

Other questions? Click to contact the WV Virtual School staff if you have a question or concern.