Welcome Parents and Guardians!

Parents and guardians play an essential role in the success of student online learning, particularly if the student is completing a course individually (i.e., outside of his/her daily school schedule.) The role of parents/guardians can include helping to set up study schedules, monitoring progress and contacting the facilitator or the online teacher with concerns. It is expected that parents/guardians will meet with the Virtual School Contact at their child’s home school to understand the concept of virtual courses, review available courses and actively play a role in their child’s online education.

A parent or guardian must complete a consent form for their child to participate in the West Virginia Virtual School. Additionally, a parent or guardian is required to have easy access to the course web site and email for regular communication with the facilitator and online teacher.

Auditor accounts are free and available for parents or guardians wishing to monitor student progress. To register, please complete the form at: http://wveis.k12.wv.us/vschool/parent/auditor.cfm 


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