To enroll a student in an onTargetWV course, you must first request a password for the online registration system.  You may request a password by contacting the West Virginia Virtual School.  You will soon receive an e-mail from the West Virginia Virtual School with your temporary password. 

If you already have a password, you may go directly to the online registration system and follow the steps below.

Step 1: Enter your e-mail address and password.  If you are entering the system for the first time with a temporary password, you will immediately be required to change your password. Once you are logged in, you will see the following tool bar.


Step 2: Select "Add Student to Credit Recovery"

Step 3: Search for the student you want to enroll.  You may do so by entering a first name, last name, or WVEIS code or a combination, thereof.

Step 4: Confirm the selection of the student.  At this point, a screen will appear below the student record to finalize the enrollment. 

Step 5: Complete the Additional Student Information section.  Please note the school issued email address will autofill.  Do not change this address.  Students must use the school issued email account for virtual courses.  For correct billing purposes, if the student is enrolled in a CTE pathway please select yes.  (CTE does not cover summer school enrollments.)

Step 6: Complete the Mentor Information Section.  If the person registering the student is the mentor, simply click "I am the mentor" to autofill the section.

Step 7: Select the course and click Submit.  Please do not register the student for more than one .5 class at a time unless prior arrangements have been made with the WVVS office.

You may check the status of your student enrollment by clicking the "Students" tab on the menu.  The following is a list of possible status codes.

Pending - Enrollment has been submitted and is awaiting approval.

Approved - Enrollment has been approved.  Course should activate in 2 to 24 hours.

Completed - Student has completed course and grade has been recorded in WVVS database.

Dismissed - Student was enrolled but never started the course.  Enrollment was dismissed at no charge.

Dropped - Student did not complete the course.  Enrollment was dropped.  Charges still apply.


The WVVS should be notified immediately if a student moves, needs dropped from a course, or if a student wants to reactivate a course. Please notify the WVVS office of any changes through the "Enrollment Modification."