Every course provider handles instructional materials differently. Some providers use digital content only and do not require additional materials. Others use digital textbooks, which are accessed online. Still others continue to use traditionally published textbooks, novels, and/or lab kits to supplement their online content.

The course provider will determine the instructional materials required for each course. It is the responsibility of the county to purchase any textbooks required by students enrolled in virtual courses.

Please review the table below for information about instructional materials for each course provider:

Aventa - Course Materials - 2013-2014 Materials Listing

All instructional materials provided.

All University of Nebrask-Lincoln ISHS Courses that we offer require a textbook. Please review the Course Catalog from UNL to determine what textbook is required.

Please refer to the Virtual Greenbush catalog for the list of instructional materials required for each course.
All instructional materials provided.