Other Links

  • RiseUp West Virginia

    Thinking about dropping out of school? Think again. The RiseUp website will help students find reasons to stay in school.

  • College Foundation of West Virginia

    Need some cash? The College Foundation of West Virginia website can help you find cash for college and much more.


    Whether you call it a goal, a touchdown or a point, this West Virginia Secondary Schools Activity Commission has your sporting news.

  • Learn21

    There is no way your dog can eat your homework if you use Learn21. The site is a bank of the best interactive learning websites in the world. We don’t want to hear any more excuses!

  • ReadWV

    What do vampires, movie stars and West Virginia golden girls have in common? They all read.

  • West Virginia's Strategic Compass

    West Virginia's Strategic Compass is a customized career
    assessment and exploration system.

  • EDGE Credits

    EDGE allows students to take high school courses for
    community and technical college credit.

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