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Welcome to the Student Voice website. I bet some of you think that your parents don’t listen, your teachers don’t listen, maybe your friends don’t listen. Consider this website your own personal megaphone! We want to feature the stuff you are proud of doing, hear about the stuff you want to change and listen to your concerns. This is a website in the making. In other words, if you have suggestions, tweet us. Remember, be respectful, be kind and be courteous. Nobody likes a bully.

Settled by wealthy coal mine owners at the end of the nineteenth century, Bramwell, near the southern border with Virginia, was once dubbed "the richest small town in America." It was home to as many as 19 millionaires, who made their fortunes in the Pocahontas County coalfields. The prosperous Bank of Bramwell was the hub of southern West Virginia's financial network. The bank closed in 1933 in the midst of the Great Depression, and most of Bramwell's wealthy residents left [West Virginia, by Nancy Hoffman].

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