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Why are Troops to Teachers members the perfect candidates for your teaching staff?

  • 82% of teachers entering through the Troops to Teachers program are male in an ever increasingly female workforce
  • 37% of participants are minorities compared to 15% of the teachers that are minorities nationwide
  • Participants are filling high needs subject areas as 27% of participants are teaching mathematics in contrast to 7% of all teachers
  • 46% of troops to teachers participants have chosen to teach in the sciences, another high needs area, as opposed to only 18% of all teachers nationwide
  • 62% of participants hold a masterís degree in an area other than education and 27% hold a masters degree in education
  • 58% of all participants agree with the statement that, "Socio-economic background does not prevent students from performing at the highest levels of achievement"
  • Participants are also more likely to move from where they are to where the demand for teachers is greatest (including rural areas within the state)


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