Alternative Route To Teacher Certification

If the winds of change are calling out to you. . .

. . . answer the call within the walls of a West Virginia classroom.

The Transition to Teaching Program is an alternative certification program that works with West Virginia school districts to place and certify qualifying participants in the classroom. Early in the process, participants teach in a critical shortage area, and at the same time, complete their individualized, online program. The program provides an extensive mentoring and support system for the duration of the program.

Nearly one in every eighteen West Virginia classrooms is led by an individual who is not a certified teacher. A majority of these classrooms are in the subject areas of math, science, special education, English or foreign languages. In an effort to raise student achievement, the Transition to Teaching (TtT) program is designed to attract the best and brightest professionals to begin careers in education as teachers. Since 2008, our program has recruited, supported and certified professionals from across the country to meet the needs of school districts and children throughout the “Mountain State”.

Information about the TtT process may be found here and in the informational tabs located on the left hand side at the top of this page. You may also contact Teresa Epperley or Robert Mellace at the Office of Professional Preparation, West Virginia Department of Education. To check your qualifications for the Transition to Teaching program and to submit your information to our data base where it can be accessed by district and TtT personnel, click here to access our Transition to Teaching Online Portal for Candidates.