Parent Educator Resource Center Special Education
Description What are Parent/Educator Resource Centers? Parent/Educator Resource Centers consist of parents and educators working as a team to provide an important service to their local school district. Since 1983, Parent/Educator Resource Centers (PERCs) have played a vital role in developing positive parent/professional partnerships in West Virginia. The local PERCs train parents and educators in the skills needed by both parties to create and implement working relationships. In addition, PERCs provide information and supportive services to parents regarding their child's education. They also provide information and technical assistance to help educators work more effectively with families. While the activities and services of the PERCs are similar, the local education agencies, parents, professionals and others served by the PERCs have quite different characteristics. Each PERC, therefore, is specifically designed to meet the unique needs of the community it serves. Currently, there are 39 PERCs serving local education agencies.
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