Power Points and Resources for Current Meetings


Introduction to Principal 1 2 3

Growth Model Overview

Federal Programs New Directors' Meeting

March 11, 2013


Power Point Presentation

Presented by the Staff of Office of Federal Programs

Federal Grant Management Overview
Presented by Melanie Purkey and Robert Crawford


Federal Programs New Directors' Spring Conference

March 12, 2013


Federal Program Intro Principals 1,2,3

Presented on by Amelia Courts

CCSS Update

Presented by Clayton Burch

ESEA Designation Training Power Point

Presented by Juan D'Brot

Differentiated Recognition Power Point

Presented by Melanie Purkey and Robert Crawford

Accountability Designations


Chart of Differentiation


HQS and Turnaround Principals


Strategic Planning Organizer


March 13, 2013

Federal Program Updates

Presented by Melanie Purkey

School Culture Power Point

Presented by Theresa Lewis, Crescent Elementary School

Title III Updates

Presented by Mami Itamochi and Robert Crawford

Online Program Documentation Processes Power Point

Presented by Clinton Burch and Ryan Saxe

Families Celebrating Literacy

Presented by Amber Smith and Sharon Marston, Weirton Heights Elementary

Leadership Power Point

Presented by Debbie McDonald and Deborah Frazier, Omar Elementary

Parent Involvement Power Point

Presented by Kathy Brown

Adult ESL in WV

Presented by Cathy Shank

CLD Parent Involvement

Presented by Shawn Wolfe

District Leadership for School Improvement

Presented by Michele Blatt

Standards Based Grading

Presented by Cheryl Bramble, Amanda Hoard, Danyelle Leadman, and Amber Nuzum, Nutter Fort Intermediate

Datafolios and Goal Setting

Presented by Tim Bennett, Aundreasha Bayless, and Lisa King, Cherry River Elementary

Education of Homeless Children Power Point

Presented by Rebecca Derenge

Community Schools Power Point

Presented by Paula Fields

Personnel Critical Needs Listing and Transition to Teaching

Presented by Doug Cipoletti

ESEA and Private Schools

Presented by John Ford



Frameworks and HQ Standards for Schools


County Framework

Framework in Schools



Framework in Classroom


High School


WV High Quality Standards for Schools PP