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Title I

Directors' Conferences

June 18-19, 2012 - Embassy Suites, Charleston WV

Federal Programs Directors’ Conference

Budget & Strategic Plan

Monday, June 18-19, 2012



Welcome and Introductions - PowerPoint

Assignment of Districts and SEA Coordinators - Map

Title I and Pre-K

Title I and the Arts

Community Eligibility Option (CEO) and Title I - PowerPoint

Development of a Title I Budget - PowerPoint

Effective Professional Development Decisions - PowerPoint

Approval of Title II and RLIS Plans - Powerpoint

CEO - Powerpoint

Comprehensive System of Support Guide

Development of Title I Budget - Powerpoint

Federal Programs Directors Conference - Powerpoint


March 6-7, 2012 - Waterfront Place Hotel

Federal Programs Spring Directors’ Conference

Developing Federal Programs of Excellence

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Opening Comments - PowerPoint

Amelia Courts, Assistant Superintendent


Becoming a National Title I Distinguished School - PowerPoint

Debbie Beaver, Ritchie County

Steve Lewis, Principal, Ellenboro Elementary, Ritchie County

Kimberly DuLaney, Ellenboro Elementary Teacher

Laura Matthews, Ellenboro Elementary Interventionist


Concurrent Sessions


Title III Technical Assistance (continued after lunch)

Francisco Javier López, Jr, USDOE Program Specialist

Robert Crawford, Assistant Director

Mami Itamochi, Coordinator


Promoting Literacy through the Arts - PowerPoint

Jack Deskins, Coordinator


SIG Networking and Sharing

Michelle Samples, Coordinator

Erin Sullivan, Coordinator

Leatha Williams, Coordinator


Online Document Storage for ESEA Monitoring - PowerPoint

Amanda Fragile, McDowell County

Next Generation Standards: Major Shifts in English/Language Arts - PowerPoint

Edwina Howard-Jack, Coordinator


Tracking Finances on WVEIS

Terry Harless, Executive Director

Mary Townson, Title I Accountant


Highly Engaged Classroom (repeated on day 2)

Richard Lawrence, Executive Director


Next Generation Standards: Major Shifts in Mathematics

Lou Maynus, Coordinator


E-Resources for Parent Engagement (repeated on day 2) - PowerPoint

John Ford, Coordinator

Jane Massi, Title I Consultant


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Network of Support for Coaches - PowerPoint

Linda Bragg, Coordinator

Vision of Coaching for Learning


Concurrent Sessions


WVEIS Entries & Reports for Highly Qualified and Title III - PowerPoint

Malinda Shanklin, Coordinator

Georgia Porter, Coordinator 

Developing a Quality School Level Annual Professional Development Plan - PowerPoint

Karen Davies, Coordinator

Michelle Samples, Coordinator

Test Your Knowledge Worksheet

Modes of Professional Development

Annual PD Plan Example 1

Annual PD Plan Example 2

Building Leadership Capacity in Schools

Suzette Cook, Coordinator


Student Focused Scheduling

Mary Lu MacCorkle, State School Improvement Specialist

Glenna Heinlein, State School Improvement Specialist



November 15, 2011 - Embassy Suites

New Federal Programs Directors Meeting


Federal Grant Management Overview - PowerPoint

Fiscal Requirement for Federal Programs - PowerPoint


October 12-13, 2011 - Embassy Suites

Federal Programs Directors Meeting

Fall Conference


Let's Move - PowerPoint

High Quality Standards - PowerPoint

Account Code Structure - PowerPoint

Vision & Mission Statement

Title III Federal Program Innovation - PowerPoint

Highly Qualified Professionals - PowerPoint

District Office Support for Low Performing Schools - PowerPoint

Highly Qualified Professionals - PowerPoint

Support for Personalized Learning - PowerPoint

Team Organization and Communication - PowerPoint

Troops to Teachers and Transition to Teaching - PowerPoint

School Culture - PowerPoint

Creating A Shared Vision - PowerPoint

Highly Qualified Teacher Support - PowerPoint

World Language Initiations - PowerPoint


June 14-16, 2011 - Waterfront Place Hotel

Federal Programs Directors Meeting

Spring Conference

Agenda - June 14, 2011

Development of a Title I Budget (PowerPoint)

Agenda - June 15, 2011

Monitoring for Results (PowerPoint)

Monitoring Concerns (PowerPoint)

Agenda - June 16, 2011

March 9-10, 2011 - Waterfront Place Hotel

Title I Directors & Chief Instructional Leaders

Spring Conference

Agenda -March 9, 2011

Welcome and Opening Comments - PowerPoint 

West Virginia Professional Teaching Standards (WVPTS): What West Virginia Teachers Know and Are Able to Do (Standard 5) - PowerPoint

Safe and Supportive Schools – Improving Conditions for Learning (Standard 1) - PowerPoint 

State System of Support Processes/Updates (Standard 7) - PowerPoint 

This Is Your Brain on Math! (Standard 3) - PowerPoint 

Reading Comprehension Interventions (Standard 3) - PowerPoint

Effective Instruction for Adolescent Struggling Readers

Improving Adolescent Literacy 

Maximizing Parent Involvement: Revisiting Epstein's Model (Standard 4) - PowerPoint 

Re-envisioning the Correlates of Effective Schools (Standards 2 and 7) - PowerPoint - Quiz 

 Using Collaborative Teams to Prioritize School Level Funds (Standard 5) - PowerPoint 

Data Portal 21 (Standard 6) - PowerPoint 

Let’s Talk About Reading (Standard 3) - PowerPoint

The Early Catastrophe

Why do some children get a head start on vocabulary?

  Common Core Standards (Standard 3) - PowerPoint

Highly Qualified Teachers Developing a Highly Qualified Teacher Plan (Standard 6) - PowerPoint

WV High Quality Standards for Schools (Standards 1-7) - PowerPoint

 What Is in Store with the Common Core in Mathematics? (Standard 3) - PowerPoint

 Updates and Innovation for Title III Programs (Standards 3 and 4) - PowerPoint

What Is in Store with the Common Core in Reading/Language Arts? (Standard 3) - PowerPoint

October 4-5, 2010 - Waterfront Place Hotel

Title I Directors & Chief Instructional Leaders

Fall Conference

October 4, 2010 - Agenda

DP-21 - PowerPoint

Using Growth Model to Measure Student Achievement - PowerPoint

Concurrent Sessions  

What is all the Buzz about IPI? - PowerPoint  

Improving Classroom Questioning in Mathematics - PowerPoint

LEADING Through Quality Questioning - PowerPoint

Change Leadership: A Practical Guide to Transforming Our Schools - PowerPoint

Are You Smarter Than?

Classroom Competition



Parent Letter

One Book-One School

Introduction to One School, One Book

10 Easy StepsSuggestion Books

Parent LetterTrivia Samples

Ten Tips for Reading Aloud

Suggested Titles - Book List

Sample Talking Points

Suggested Activities

October 5, 2010 - Agenda

Concurrent Sessions

Elementary Mathematics: The National Direction Computation Fluency - PowerPoint

Inquiry Based Learning: Mathematics and Science - PowerPoint  

Instructional Materials: The Future is Here - PowerPoint

Proposed Adoption Schedule

FREE Educational Apps for the iPad

 Rich Formative Assessment:  Critical Component of Instruction - PowerPoint

 Balanced Assessment: What is it? Do you have it? - PowerPoint

 Why We Must Teach Science, Social Studies and Arts Content Standards and Objectives in
Elementary Schools -

 Rich Classroom Assessment through Implementation of PBL - PowerPoint

July 21, 2010 - Stonewall Resort

Federal Programs and Finance Meeting

Federal Grant Management

Highly Qualified Teachers



March 9, 2010 - Morgantown, WV


Leadership: Connecting Vision with Action

March 9, 2010 Agenda

Leadership-Connecting Vision with Action - Powerpoint

Evaluating Title I Programs

Evaluating Schoolwide Programs - Powerpoint

Schoolwide Program Ed. Guidance

Schoolwide Program Evaluation Instrument

Scaffolding Reading Comprehension: Before, During and After Reading K-3

Scaffolding Reading Comprehension Powerpoint

Vocabulary Routine Card

Scaffolding Reading Comprehension Poster

Paragraph Shrinking Cue Card


Math: Why Learn Fractions, Decimals and Percents?

Math: Why Learn Fractions, Decimals and Percents? - Powerpoint


Instructional Leadership: Focus on Literacy

Instructional Leadership: Focus on Literacy Powerpoint

Building the Infrastructure

Filling the Infrastructure with Good Instruction

Leadership Kindergarten Walkthrough

Leadership First Grade Walkthrough

Leadership Second Grade Walkthrough

Leadership Third Grade Walkthrough

Transforming School Culture

Transforming School Culture - Powerpoint


Developing a Quality Private School Program

Implementing an Effective Title I Private School Program - Powerpoint

Quiz for Presentation


Developing Teacher Leadership through Collaboration

Building Teacher Leadership


Fostering a Positive School Culture through Collaborative Administrative Practices

District Level Support for PLC's

IPI Rubric

IPI Protocol Summary

IPI Data Records Form

IPI Data Table Handout


Spring to Jing

Transact Flyer

Spring to Jing