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Title I

Committee of Practitioners

Purpose: The West Virginia Department of Education (WVDE) receives federal Title I funding and is required to create a committee of practitioners to advise the State in carrying out its responsibilities.

Duties: The WVDE committee of practitioners is specifically established to review, prior to publication, any proposed or final State rule or title regulation.


Committee of Practitioners Procedures 2011-2014

Complaint Procedures

COP Meetings

March 2012


Committee of Practitioners FAQs - Karen Davies

ESEA Flexibility Waiver - Jan Stanley

Review of SIG 1003(g) Research Evaluation - Andu Meharie & Nate Hixon

Title III Consortium Progress & TransAct - Robert Crawford & Mami Itamochi

Title II Highly Qualified Teacher Plans - Robert Mellace

Title II Coaching Initiative - Linda Bragg - Clayton Burch (Click on "An Overview of WV Universal Pre-K")


April 2011


COP Overview Presentation


January 2011

Request for Input - January 5, 2011    

Request for Continuance EvenStart FY2012

EvenStart Application Notice FY2012

RFP EvenStart FY2012

November 2010

Memorandum November 2010 

January 2010

Memorandum January 2010

October 2008



June 2008

Power Point Presentation



March 2007


Presentation 03-07



NOTE: Documents from the April 2011 COP meeting have been finalized and appropriately place on the Title I website.