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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. Where are our video conferencing units? 
A. One Polycom is located on the 6th floor conference room and one is located in B-017 in the basement.

Q. How much does a Video Conference meeting cost?
A. If the call is one-to-one, meaning our Polycom calls another Polycom, there is no charge. If the call involves several units you will need a "bridge" to join all the calls together. WVNET provides the staff and technical support to make it work. WVNET charges 25 cents ($0.25) per minute per connection. A 30 minute video conference that includes the Department of Education and all 8 RESAs would cost $67.50 (9 connections x $0.25 x 30 = $67.50)

Q. I'm trying to set up a video conference and the person on the other end wants to know what kind of technology we use. What do we have?
A. We use an IP Polycom Unit. WVNET acts as our "bridge" and can connect our IP unit to other IP units or to ISDN units.

Q. What is our IP address?
A. Click here to see our phone book .

Q. Who else has video conferencing units?
A. See our phone book. Conact Mark Moore ( if you have edits to the phone book.

Q. Who is our contact at WVNET?
A. Bob Lint (800) 253-1558.

Q. Can we call people outside of the school system?
A. Yes. If you are talking to a school inside our network, use the private IP address. If you are talking to a vendor or speaker outside our system use the public IP address.

Q. I heard that RESA I and RESA VIII already have "bridges" and can make the connections at no cost.
A. This is correct, however they use their bridges in the normal course of business. Their units are not always available and they do not always have staff availalbe to bridge our calls. WVNET does.

Q. If I am making a point-to-point video conference call, that is to say I only want to call from the Department of Education to a singluar RESA, do I need to go through WVNET?
A. Probably not. Just use the directory that is pre-programmed into our Polycom unit. This type of call would have no cost, but also no tech support.