Renewal of Advanced Credentials

To renew the Advanced Credential for TIS, one must hold a valid WV Professional Certificate and must complete 5 days or 40 clock-hours of professional development related to technology integration programs offered or approved by the WVDE. The renewal is valid for one school year and will expire on June 30.

To renew the Advanced Credential, one must complete the professional development after the effective date of the most recently issued TIS advanced credential.

Renewal of Advanced Credential Application Process (similar to original credential process):

  1. Please review the guidelines regarding acceptable professional development for renewing your TIS Advanced Credential.
  2. Prior to attending any professional development session for renewal, e-mail your TIS coordinator for approval of the session. Please include as much detail on the professional development as possible so the TIS coordinator can make a decision as to appropriateness of the professional development.
  3. Retain copies of certificates, sign-in rosters, brochures, email confirmations, etc. that provide evidence of your attendance at the professional development.
  4. Please list on the Renewal Training Documentation Form in chronological order all approved and completed professional development.
  5. Submit the completed Renewal Training Documentation Form in hard copy with attached documentation of your attendance at the professional development listed along with Form 30 and a $35 check or money order to the Office of Professional Preparation or pay online here.

Form 30 may be downloaded by going to:

There is a three month rule that relates to credentialing that is very important.  It is part of Policy 5202 and used with all credentialing applications.

Some examples:

Renewal Application

To renew an Advanced Credential endorsed for TIS, one must complete the 40 hours after the effective date of the current credential.   Training completed prior to the effective date of the Advanced Credential may not be used to renew the initial credential.


Ex.:  If someone completes 400 hours of training prior to submitting the initial application, they may not carry the extra hours forward to renew.  The hours for renewal are to be completed after the effective date of the current credential. 

The application to renew the credential is to be submitted on/after January 1 of the year the credential expires.  The effective date of the renewed credential will be July 1.  Thus, there is no break in certification since the current credential expires June 30

Ex.:  If someone completes 100 hrs of training during the year after the initial credential is effective and before June 30, 40 hrs will be recognized for renewal purposes.  The other 60 hrs may not be carried over to renew the second time.  To renew the second time, one must complete 40 after July 1 and before June 30.

Schedule for Permanent Credential

Renewal Schedule



TIS Program Coordinators
CTE/ABE Josh Ratliff
County-funded/School-Based Lori Whitt
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