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 TIS Advanced Credential Process

The Advanced Credential is a license awarded to educators upon completion of specific professional development, coursework, and/or testing. For purposes of demonstrating subject matter competence, the Advanced Credential may include, but not be limited to, Certification by the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards, hereinafter NBPTS, in content area and/or a master's degree or doctorate in the content area.

The Advanced Credential endorsed as Technology Integration Specialist is identified in section 126-136-21.4.1 of Policy 5202. The applicant for licensure must provide evidence of satisfying the following criteria:

(a) Degree. - Hold a minimum of a bachelor's degree; AND

(b) Valid Certificate. - Hold a valid West Virginia Professional Certificate; AND (c) Professional Development. - Completion of 40 days (320 clock hours) of professional development credit related to technology integration programs offered or approved by the WVDE; AND

(d) Recommendation of the Superintendent - Receive the recommendation of the county superintendent in the county in which the applicant is employed.

Advanced Credentials are awarded to educators for completing professional development, coursework, and/or testing that exceeds the requirements for a professional certificate. Endorsements identified as Advanced Credentials have unique and specific requirements for the initial issuance and subsequent renewal. Advanced Credentials may be required for employment. The Advanced Credential endorsed for Technology Integration Specialist is valid for one school year and will expire on June 30.

TIS participants complete 40 days (320 hours) of professional development related to technology integration and 21st century teaching and learning. The professional development is delivered both face-to-face and online formats.
Participants in the TIS initiative, need to keep a record of professional development for the application process for the Advanced Credential.

Educators that are in positions identified as full-time TIS in a school need to apply for a Temporary Authorization (Form 38) while acquiring the 320 hours of professional development for the Advanced Credential. This Temporary Authorization requirement generally applies to EETT and the Title I Improvement School TIS that have been hired as a full-time TIS.