Technology Contacts Update 2011-12

Technology Contact Update—Tuesday, August 2 Agenda

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Broadband Grant (BTOP) and Mapping, Telecommunications Contracts, EETT Close-out, State Resources (Intel, SAS, ThinkFinity, TIS and WVLearns

Contact: John Miller - - (304) 558-7880


Contact: Julia Benincosa Legg Legg - - (304) 558-7880

SAS Curriculum Pathways

Contact: Mark Moore - - (304) 558-7880

Contact: Mark Moore - - (304) 558-7880


Contact: Mark Moore - - (304) 558-7880

Tools for Schools Planning

  • Tools for Schools Update Agenda - August 1, 2011 1:00-4:00pm: (MS Word) or (Adobe PDF)
  • As part of the West Virginia Board of Education and the West Virginia Department of Education’s move toward the implementation of quality digital resources, the WVDE requested input from various stakeholder groups across the state as to how to successfully transition from print-based instructional materials to digital resources. This document provides guidance to help schools systems develop a well-articulated plan for effective infrastructure, technology, software, and support structures: Recommendations from Instructional Materials Digital Stakeholders
  • SETDA (State Education Technology Directors Association) designed the following document to help school systems address the challenges and leverage the opportunities of next generation assessment systems powered by technology: Technology Requirements For Large-Scale Computer-Based and Online Assessment: Current Status and Issues, Discussion Draft

    As part of this effort, SETDA also launched an online community of practice: to provide a forum for interested parties to discuss, share, participate, and access a wide range of resources designed to help educators prepare for next generation, computer-based assessments, improve curriculum and instruction aimed at college and career readiness, and leverage technology to achieve better results and cost savings
  • SETDA and NASTID’s “Technology Tools for Schools Resource Guide” provides definitions of key technology components and relevant examples, where appropriate as a glossary for educators. The guide also presents essential implementation and infrastructure considerations that decision makers should think about when implementing technology in schools: Technology Tools for Schools Resource Guide
  • This checklist is designed to help county representatives prepare for Tools for Schools planning meetings and development of configurations: Tools for Schools Planning Checklist
  • FY2012 Allocations: Allocations FY2012 Final.pdf
  • This checklist is designed to help county representatives prepare for Tools for Schools planning meetings and development of configurations: Tools for Schools Planning Checklist
  • The WVDE has contracted with Edvation to provide various consulting and professional development services to support TechSteps implementation K-12 for the 2011–2012 school year. Services will include regional leadership seminars, support for individual county implementation, and teacher professional development on both a regional and county basis to provide introductory and advanced sessions for TechSteps K-8 and TechSteps 9-12 . Please see the following document for details: 2011-2012 Services.docx
  • TFS WVDE Staff - County Assignment: County Assignments FY2012.pdf

WV Virtual School

Contact: Sarah Lyons - - (304) 558-7880
  • Southern Regional Education Board has asked West Virginia counties to participate in the District Online Learning Program Survey. The survey is only 10 questions; SREB is trying to get a snapshot of the districts that have online programs. Many WV counties may only use the West Virginia Virtual School program, so answers may be similar.

    Thanks for taking time during the conference to complete this survey: SREB Survey of District Online Learning Programs