Technology Contacts Update - February 2011

Legislative Update

Contact: Brenda Williams - - (304) 558-7880

Please refer to the following document for more information: St Bd Leg Budget Jan 5 2011 for tech contact update.pdf


Erate Requests

Contact: Brenda Morris - - (304) 558-7880

Complete E-rate requests for ALL 90% and 80% schools to include infrastructure upgrades incorporating building-wide wireless access. We are recommending using Pomeroy as the provider even if the request is for an elementary school. This is because the IBM contract has already been extended for one year and will end at the end of this school year.

Pomeroy will be working with you to create a configuration that can be used to create the E-rate Item 21 Attachment. Included in this email is a short list of information you will need to gather prior to working with Pomeroy. Also included is a sample configuration that will be helpful as you create requests. Please have the following information ready to share with your Pomeroy sales representative in order to create the configurations in a timely manner.

1.Number of classrooms/multi-purpose rooms in the school
2.Number of wiring closets MDF and IDF’s

The sample configuration below coupled with the above information should allow you and your Pomeroy representative to create an accurate request without walk-throughs in most cases. This sample configuration will include items such as the following:

1.5500 Cisco Wireless LAN Controller (1 per school)Price varies by config.
2.Rack Mounting Kit for Wireless LAN Controller (1 per school)EL3-50-450$200
3.48 Port POE Layer III Switch (1 per wiring closet)EL3-21-124$5906
4.Category 6 cabling drop (1 per access point)CA3-20-102$250
5.Cisco Wireless N Access Point (1 per classroom/multi-purpose area)EL3-50-112$904
6.Basic Installation of Electronics Components (1/WAP, 2/Controller)SV3-60-100$98

In order to meet E-rate timelines, these configurations and subsequent Item 21 Attachments must be completed no later than March 4, 2011.


Contact: Kathy Boone - - (304) 558-7880

techSteps Enhancements

Contact: Kathy Boone - - (304) 558-7880

Enhanced Reading and Instructional Supports:
To further support West Virginia teachers and students, the TechSteps platform and content have been made more adaptable and adaptive to the abilities, skills, requirements, and preferences of individual students, with an emphasis on helping struggling readers to access, engage with, and comprehend subject matter content and seizing opportunities to develop students’ reading skills in this context.

These strategies, including content accessibility recommendations made by the WVDE, are delivered through a range of platform extensions such as audible text and additional support materials, with pre-reading activities, a media-rich glossary that provides multiple encounters with academic content in different contexts, and various instructional materials for pre-, during-, and after-reading support.

The TechSteps Enhanced Reader will assist teachers and students in the engagement of content within the TechSteps books in order to provide clarity, understanding and better comprehension, particularly for struggling readers. While basic accessibility features are available for all Grade 3-12 books, additional support is provided for each Grade 6-12 core content book. To access the Enhanced Reader, students will be instructed to select the E icon at the top of the book cover.

Here are some of the features found within the Enhanced Reader:

-Enlarged Text
-Text to Speech
-Visual Glossary
-Student Progress Checklist
-Reading Strategies

The reading strategies support will be located within the TechSteps website and will provide teachers with additional instructional strategies to integrate within a standards-based lesson plan. Additional templates may be available to support the strategies. Students will have access to these templates within the book and on the student website.

For instructions on how special education and regular classroom teachers may assist students to engage with the content of TechSteps projects, please see the TechSteps and Reading Engagement documentation posted at: Reading Support Instructions.pdf

TechSteps has recently been configured to provide a link to resources provided by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services addressing cyber-bullying. The resources provide suggestions for both children and adults on how to stop cyber-bullying. The link will be on the TechSteps home page. Additionally, TechSteps mini-activities addressing cybersafety are being developed to meet the CIPA requirements and to align with WV CSOs addressing digital citizenship.

Career and Technical Education Activities:
Activities for Career and Technical Education have been added to the TechSteps 9-12 library, and the WVDE Division of Career and Technical Education is working with SchoolKiT personnel to host a series of webinars addressing the newly developed and released TechSteps 9-12 activities addressing the following CTE areas: Agriculture and Natural Resources, Automotive Technology, Business and Marketing, Cross Curricular, General Building Construction, Health Care Fundamentals, and Hospitality Education. The activities were designed by WV CTE educators and were developed by SchoolKiT to align directly with WV CSOs and to provide the rigor and depth of knowledge required.

For example, “Chain of Infection” challenges students to take on the role of an epidemiologist who has been studying a new disease and who will develop an animated graph, as well as prepare and deliver a presentation with recommendations for ways to break the chain and stop the infection. In “The Digital Shed,” students use Google Sketchup to design two options for a 16’ x 12’ storage shed and will use Excel to provide costs for the two options, which will be presented to a hypothetical customer. These activities, developed based upon ideas generated by West Virginia educators, are two of the 12 CTE TechSteps activities to be added during this school year.

8th Grade Patriotism Activity:
A new TechSteps eighth grade patriotism activity addresses CSOs in Citizenship and challenges students, working individually or in groups, to create an animated, multimedia presentation to communicate the meaning of various symbols, such as the Great Seal of the United States and the Great Seal of West Virginia.


Contact: Wes Holland - - (304) 558-7880


Contact: John Miller - - (304) 558-7880

AUP Violations/Investigations/Legal Issues

John Miller will act as a point of contact and liaison between counties/schools and the WVDE legal office.

Investigator Accounts

The WVDE will create accounts which allow administrators to access WVDE blocked sites like Facebook and Youtube to investigate AUP violations and cyber bullying complaints. An application must be completed and signed by the district superintendent. Contact John Miller for the application.

Off-Network Filtering Client

Filtering client software can be used with computers that will be accessing the Internet outside of the k12 intranet. This is useful in situations where students or staff will be taking computers home. The client software filters and logs all Internet requests.


Update on devices purchased by counties and possible conflicts regarding other state-wide online initiatives such as Acuity, WV Writes and WV Online Writing. Filtering will also be discussed.

Virtual School

Contact: Sarah Lyons - - (304) 558-7880

onTargetWV Credit Recovery

On Target WVAs part of the WV Virtual School, seats are now available to all West Virginia schools through the onTargetWV credit recovery program. Eighty-eight West Virginia students have registered for WV credit recovery courses through onTargetWV, and 15 students have completed courses. The enrollments represent 10 different West Virginia schools in 10 counties along with six institutional programs.

Evaluated through the RFI process last spring, the credit recovery courses are instructor-led and offer an adaptive release format that allows the student to work only in the areas that are needed. Interaction with the online teacher via emails, phone calls, and virtual classrooms is an essential component. The cost is $75.00 per student per course.

If counties plan to request seats for credit recovery courses in the fall, please let us know so that we may plan for obtaining the appropriate number of seats for students to enroll.

Requests for presentations and more information can be found at the onTargetWV web pages or by contacting Sarah Lyons at (304-558-7880).

To request a course, contact Gloria Burdette, at or 304-558-7880 ext 53079.

AP Courses

Reminder to counties – our WV Virtual School course catalog includes 21 AP courses to West Virginia students In addition, the West Virginia Center for Professional Development, with help from the AP Test Fee Payment Grant through the U.S. Department of Education, offers qualified low-income students the opportunity to take Advanced Placement examinations at no cost.

Virtual Cisco Networking Academy Goes Live

Cisco AcademyAfter a successful pilot implementation at James Rumsey Technical Institute in Berkeley County, the Virtual Cisco Networking Academy is now accepting open enrollments. The Cisco Networking Academy is a global education program that teaches students how to design, build, troubleshoot, and secure computer networks for increased access to career and economic opportunities in communities around the world. The Networking Academy utilizes an online curriculum developed by the Cisco Systems Worldwide Education curriculum development team, interactive tools, and hands-on learning activities to help individuals prepare for ICT and networking careers in virtually every type of industry. Students completing Discovery 1 and Discovery 2 are prepared to take the CCENT (Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician) certification exam; students completing all four courses are prepared to take the CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) certification exam. For more information about the Virtual Cisco Networking Academy, visit or contact Nick Cekinovich at

New Courses offered by West Virginia Virtual School

Drivers Education

A required elective course, Drivers Ed ½ credit course does not offer actual, behind-the-wheel instruction; however, it provides many outstanding tips on driving strategies and traffic laws. Students will develop the thinking skills crucial to the development of safe driving. Upon successful completion of this course, students can request a certificate of completion from their instructor that may qualify them for discounted automobile insurance rates. By using the Drivers Ed ½ credit course, traditional drivers’ education teachers can accommodate more car time with students while the course work is taught virtually.

Health Opportunities through Physical Education

We "HOPE" that by the end of this course students will have experienced first-hand the many benefits of regular physical activity, proper nutrition, and sound decision-making. As the course begins, each student will assess his/her current physical condition and define personal goals. Applying fitness training principles to individual workouts to enhance improvement in health-related and skill-related areas of fitness, students will maintain a workout log to track physical activity each week and assess progress towards meeting goals. Additional course topics will challenge the student to be an educated consumer, manage stress, choose nutritious foods, make healthy lifestyle choices, be an effective member of a team, and influence others in your community in a positive way. This course meets the graduation requirement for Health.

Fitness Fundamentals I

This course is designed to provide students with the basic skills and information needed to begin a personalized exercise program and maintain an active and healthy lifestyle. Students participate in pre- and post fitness assessments in which they measure and analyze their own levels of fitness based on the five components of physical fitness: muscular strength, endurance, cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, and body composition. This course, when taken with Group Sports, meets the graduation requirement for Physical Education.

Introduction to Group Sports

This course provides students with an overview of individual sports. Students learn about a variety of sports, yet do an in-depth study of running, walking, strength training, yoga, Pilates, dance, and cross-training. Students learn not only the history, rules, and guidelines of each sport, but practice specific skills related to each sport. Students also learn about the components of fitness, FIT principles, benefits of fitness, safety and technique, and good nutrition. Students conduct a pre- and post fitness assessment, as well as participate in weekly physical activity. This course, when taken with Fitness Fundamental I, meets the graduation requirement for Physical Education.

Cutting Edge Science Courses

Addition of Cutting Edge Science Courses topics include Sports Medicine, Biofuels, Stem Cell Research and others. (These .25 credit or nine weeks courses lend themselves well to both group and individual study.)

EETT Next Round

Contact: Vicki Allen - - (304) 558-7880

There is currently no application for a new round of EETT grants. If the next round of EETT is funded, the Department of Education would receive the funds in July. Application information would then be forthcoming in the Fall of 2011.


Contact: Vicki Allen - - (304) 558-7880

BTOP Update

Contact: Vicki Allen - - (304) 558-7880

Please refer to the following document for more information: County Rollout of Broadband_01132011.docx

Meeting with Stratuswave

Contact: Vicki Allen - - (304) 558-7880

Updates and Changes for ARRA Reporting in County Plan

Contact: Karen Karr - - (304) 558-7880

Reminder to county contacts to please make sure the online strategic plan is updated with the most recent information and updates on ARRA grants.

Gifting and Deadlines

Contact: Julia Benincosa - - (304) 558-7880


Please click here for more information.

E-rate Deadlines

February 23 (Last Date to File Form 470)
March 4 (All TFS Requests DUE!)
March 24 11:59 PM (E-rate Form 471 Window CLOSES!)

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No new information, but Order is pending at FCC.

Thinkfinity Contest Status

Contact: Mark Moore - - (304) 558-7880

21st Century Contest - Ten, $2,000 mini-grants will be awarded to teachers and teams who implement truly innovative 21st Century lessons in their classrooms.