West Virginia Strategic Educational Technology Planning

Strategic Planning Reports


MONTHLY Reports (These reports are snapshots in time - retrieved on the first day of each month from schools' digital divide surveys.)

Digital Divide Reports


CURRENT Reports  (These reports pull from live data as digital divide surveys and county technology surveys are updated.)

Student to Computer Ratio

Teacher to Computer Ratio

Bandwidth Implementation Report

YEARLY Reports (These Reports are snapshots in time - tabulated from data submitted in October through school strategic plan submissions.)

2008 Digital Divide Reports (submitted October 15, 2008)

2007 Digital Divide Reports (submitted October 15, 2007)

2006 Digital Divide Reports (submitted October 1, 2006)

2005 Digital Divide Reports (submitted November 15, 2005)

WV Educational Strategic Technology Planning

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State Technology Planning

State Technology Plan 2007-2010

State Technology Plan 2010-2013

County Technology Planning

WV County Technology Plans 2012-2013 (E-rate Funding Year 2013)

WV County Technology Plans 2011-2012 (E-rate Funding Year 2012)

WV County Technology Plans 2010-2011 (E-rate Funding Year 2011)

WV County Technology Plans 2009-2010 (E-rate Funding Year 2010)

WV County Technology Plans 2008-2009 (E-rate funding Year 2009)

WV County Technology Plans 2007-2008 (E-rate funding Year 2008)

WV County Technology Plans 2006-2007 (E-rate Funding Year 2007)

WV County Technology Plans 2005-2006 (E-rate Funding Year 2006)

WV County Technology Plans 2004-2007 (E-rate Funding Year 2005)

WV County Technology Plans 2003-2006 (E-rate Funding Year 2004)

WV County Technology Plans 2002-2003 (E-rate Funding Year 2003)

Other Planning Resources:

E-rate Technology Planning from USAC/SLD


For more information and/or help on technology planning in West Virginia, please contact Brenda Morris at bmorris@access.k12.wv.us.