Technology Showcase

February 2015 - Mount Vernon Elementary

The students at Mount Vernon are using  flipped and blended learning to master the standards.  The 3rd and 4th grade students have their own Kindle and laptop for school use.  They also have a tablet to take home;  in a few weeks, every child in the school will have their own tablet. 

 One way the tablets are used is to expose students to a new skill before it is taught in class.  The teachers download videos and activities onto a server.  When the students bring their tablet back to school the URcast system automatically downloads information onto their tablets.  They watch the videos at home without internet before the class starts that skill.  For instance, the students watched several video on division before I started teaching the skill.  When I started the students knew the vocabulary and some already had the process mastered.  The lesson went smoothly and the learning time in school was reduced significiently.  The students still having trouble with a skill can video tape the lesson using their tablet while I teach and also watch the videos again at home to reinforce learning. 

The tablets are also used to help students that are struggling.  As I teach equivanet fractions, the students have the opportunity to watch videos about equivalent fractions to help them to have a better understaning of the skill.

The URcast sytem is also used during class to help reinforce learning. The students can work at their own pace leaving the teacher time to conference one-on-one or in small groups with students. URcast caching has almost eliminated the time needed for individual students to access the internet creating more time for learning. Caching also created the ability for teachers to use more internet content, both free and subscription, because of the increase in bandwidth.​

At Mount Vernon Elementary School, the students take charge of their own learning.  If they do not have a skill mastered they have a tool to help to take charge of their own learning.

Technology Student Showcase February from WV Education on Vimeo.