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Cool things that other teachers have found.
If you have a favorite that should be listed here, send the link to Mark Moore.

A Dancer's Journal

A is for Apple: Building Letter-Recognition Fluency

Adjustable Spinner

All Systems are Go!

Alphabiography Project

America on the Move

Angle Sums

Animal Inquiry

Artificial Anatomy

Autobiography Time Line

Babel Fish Translation

Bar Grapher

Basic Character Analysis Questions (How to create an outline)

Beethoven's Baseball

Ben's Guide to US Government

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Between the Lions


Problem: Using the BrainPop requires you to pay for the resources after you trial peirod has expired. Try searching the Thinkfinity search engine for the same videos. You'll find them without restrictions! Tunda Example

Bug Facts

CD/DVD Cover Creator

Celebrate Teen Tech Week!

Cells Alive

Cell Size and Scale

Chemicool Periodic Table

Chinese Calligraphy

Civil War

Clickety Clack, Let's Keep Track!

Comic Creator

Common Sense: The Rhetoric of Popular Demoncracy

Construct A Word

Cosmic Quest

Creative Writing


Crossword Puzzles


Cultural Differences

Defining Literacy in a Digital World

Design a Travel Brochure

Destroy the Castle

Diamante Poems

Disaster Zone

Don't Buy It!

Drama Mapping

Drive Through Time


Essay Map

Eye on Idioms

Fact Challenge

Fact Fragment Frenzy

Factor Game

Famous Trials

Fill it up!


Forces of Nature

Fraction Model 1

Fraction Track


Frosty the Snowman Meets His Demise: An Analogy to Carbon Dating

Function Machine

DNA Files, Genetics Scenarios

Geometric Understanding through Tangram Puzzles

Go West Across American with Lewis & Clark

Golden Ratio - Lesson plan on Fibonacci numbers

Graphic Map

Grocery Store Scavenger Hunt

Hieroglyphs Translator

How to Extract DNA from Anything Living

How to Transplant a Heart in Nineteen Easy Steps

Human Footprints

Human Footprints (pdf)

HyperHistory Online

Inside the White House

Interactive Venn Diagram


Isometric Drawing Tool

It All Adds Up

It Takes A Rookery

Jazz Lounge

Job Planner Activity

Journey to America, A Musical Immigration


Learning from Lyrics

Lemonade Stand

Leonardo's Mysterious Machinery

Letter Generator

Liberty, Equality, Fraternity: Exploring the French Revolution

Lunar Cycle 1

Lunar Cycle 2

Making Sentences: Recognizing and Making Sentences

Marble Mania

March of the Penguins Game

Mare's Build a Fish

Mathematics and Football

Monarch Butterflies


Money in the Bank

Monster Trading Card Template (pdf)

Movement with Functions

Mr. Picasso Head

Music Theory

Mysterious Inca

Mystery Cube

National Budget Simulation

National Library of Virtual Manipulative (math)

Number Cruncher

Object of History

Oil Refining - a closer look

Paper Pool

Pearl Harbor

Penguin Exhibit

Percussion Instruments and Pitch

Perfect Pet

Perfect Pitch

Persuasion Map

Picture Match

Planet in Action

Planning a Trip

Playing with Shadows

Plot Diagram

Power Football

Power UP!

Powers of Ten

Product Game

Primary Krypto

Printing Press: Create Newspapers, Flyers, Booklets and Brochures

Profile Publisher

Quest of the Ring Leaders

Running Races


Secret Admirer!


Shakespeare: Subject to Change

Shape Poems

Shape Sorter

Smithsonian Jazz

Soda Cans


Stairway to Heaven: Examining Metaphor in Popular Music

Stapleless Book

Start Your Own Book Club

State Data Map


Story Mapping

String 'em Up (math lesson for K-4)

Surface Area and Volume

Ten Frame

Tessellation Creator

The Bridge Over the Hellespont

The Democracy Project

The Gift of the Indus

The Jolly Postman

The Life and Music of Celia Cruz

The Machinery of Democracy

The United States and Europe: From Neutrality to War, 1921-1941

The Yuckiest Site on the Internet

Thinkfinity Calendar

Thinkfinity Newsletter (March 2009)

Tinker Ball

Tower of Hanoi

Trigonomentry for Solving Problems

TV or No TV?!?

Underground Railroad

U.S. Mint, Time Machine

Venn Diagram - Animal Community Comparison

Virtual Armonica

Virtual Tide Pool

Virtual Tour of Ford's Theatre

Visualizing Transformations

Voices from the Days of Slavery

Webbing Tool

Welcome to the Market

What do Other People Want to Be?

What is DNA - Tour of the Basics

Who am I: A History Mystery .


Word Family

Word Wizard

Write Letters to Friends and Family

Writing with Writers: Poetry

You and Your Skin