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Stories from around West Virginia about how Thinkfinity is being integrated into the classroom:

I am looking for the book, "Behind the Mask" by Ruth Heller.  I found a Thinkfinity lesson that uses it to teach prepositions.  If you have a copy please let me know.



I am very thankful for this week and the push to try out other search possibilities on the net.  I am ashamed to say it, but I have never ventured past yahoo for planning resources.  This week I have looked into the following other websites... Google, Lycos, Dogpile,, infoseek, etc... I also tried a metasearch engine and found that there were a few good resources, but also alot of "junk" to weed through! 
I loved thinkfinity!  This is where I went first after reading posts (Thank you Gilda!), and I found that once I looked at all of the wonderful information on this site, it was the same stuff other search engines found.  The difference was it was all in one place, I did not have to surf around for hours to find it.  I will continue to use thinkfinity for all of my lesson plannig needs, in the future!  I am so excited to use the unit on money that I am compiling throughout this course, and I am beginning to think that my students will also. 


Hey, Mark,

Both the sixth grade teachers and students are quite impressed with "the big T".

My students (including gifted) have called it cool and awesome!  I used the Profile Publisher with five classes yesterday.  Several students asked if they could get on and make another one today.  Some were very pleased that they could access the site from home.  I have already enhanced  many lessons with the help of Thinkfinity.  

Take care, Kathy 



We added this to our parents newsletter this month.  Thought other schools may want to do it also.  Thanks!
Amy Hinkle
Liberty High School


There is a resource online that can help you help your children who are sturggling in school.  There are 55,000 various activities, interactives, and media resources availabe for FREE.  Every teacher in the building was trained on how to implement this resource in their classes.  There is a section on the site for students and one for parents.  Please take the time to see how you can help your struggling student succeed.

Hi, Mark,
    Thanks for the great Thinkfinity training.  I just want to let you know that I had my students doing an interactive reading plot (that was the exact one that was shown in our book on Mon.) the very next day.  I've also had them explore the student section---they think its COOL!  In addition, I found a "Letter to Students' from our author this week (Cynthia Rylant).  I've "mailed" it to them, and they will be writing back to her this week.  I plan on sending one letter from each class to the author.
What a great resourse!  Thanks again, Kathy Pollock

PS  Training for our sixth grade teams start tomorrow; we already have high interest:)

I have already used the Thinkfinity site with one of my students this morning.  The student enjoyed the "Flip A Chip" activity.  The activity that I presented yesterday and know my third grade teachers will use with their students is the "Geometric Solids" activity because it so effectively illustrates the CSO for sides, faces, and vertices of geometric figures.  I did not know If you needed that information for your Hot Spots list.
     I was impressed with the activities in Thinkfinity because many of them such as the "Lemonade Stand" activity present higher level thinking and reasoning skills to our students in a practical hands-on technological format that easily commands their attention.  These activities can be accessed so quickly and come complete with the CSO standards that will be covered for the activity.  Thank you for giving us access and information to use this valuable resource.  Gratitude is also extended to  the Verizon Foundation for their funding of this site to propell our students into the 21st century in a wonderful way!