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Thinkfinity maintains several levels of trainer certification including the following categories:

•  National Cadre

There are approximately 14 National Cadre Members located throughout the United States. These Cadre members represent Thinkfinity at national conferences and help states begin the process of rolling out Thinkfinity in their schools.

•  Certified Trainer

Certified Trainers are generally staff development coordinators or district personnel who have flexibility in their schedule to provide a variety of staff development opportunities over a large geographic area. In West Virginia, this may be Technology Integration Specialists, county or RESA personnel. Certified Trainers must conduct at least 3 training sessions per year to maintain their status.

•  Field Trainer

A Field Trainer is likely to be school personnel or a full-time teacher, library media specialist or school Technology Integration Specialist who will take the responsibility of training the staff at his/her location. A large school may have several field trainers on staff. A Field Trainer must conduct at least 1 training per year to maintain their status.

Field Trainer 1 - someone who has successfully completed TRN-1
Field Trainer 2 - someon who has successfully completed TRN-1 and TRN-2
Field Trainer 3 - someone who has successfully completed TRN-1, TRN-2 and has conducted at least 2 trainings with a score of 4.5 or higher.

•  End User

This includes all teachers, parents, administrators, students and any other person involved in education who receives the hands-on training.

Each level trains the level directly beneath it.

All training is provided free of charge.


To provide 21st century learning resources to ultimately improve student achievement, the West Virginia Thinkfinity professional development goals include:

•  Have one National Cadre member in the state;
•  Establish Certified Trainers in each RESA area, the Center for Professional Development and the WVDE;
•  Establish one Field Trainer in each school;
•  Provide professional development to 20,000 educators, parents, administrators, community leaders.