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All training's take place in Building 7 of the State Capitol Complex in Charleston.

  1. Take the Greenbrier Street Exit of Interstate 64.
  2. Turn DOWN HILL
  3. At the light at the bottom of the hill turn LEFT into the visitor's parking lot. A guard will point the way.
  4. Building 7 is the short building between to the two tallest buildings (5 & 6)
  5. Enter by the square black pillars.
  6. Go through Security
  7. Guards will point you to the computer lab around the corner.

Kim Mutterback has created this visual representation of the directions above

Power Point (old version)
Power Point (2007 version)

Travel Reimbursement


The WVDE will reimburse certain expenses under normal policies and guidelines.

  1. Mileage will be reimbursed at .405 per mile.
  2. One night hotel stay will be paid if you are traveling the night before class. We do not have a restriction on what hotel you use. DO NOT USE TRAVELOCITY, HOTELS.COM OR ANY OTHER WEBSITE TO BOOK YOUR ROOM. CALL THE HOTEL DIRECTLY.
  3. A percentage of meals will be paid if you stay the night. Meals are not reimbursed for those who do not spend the night.
  4. If your county provided a substitute so that you could attend training, the WVDE will reimburse the county.