SAS Curriculum Pathways
in West Virginia

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In August of 2004 Mr. F. Selby Wellman gave a generous gift to the students and educators of West Virginia. He gave the gift of SAS Curriculum Pathways to all middle and high schools in the state.

SAS® Curriculum Pathways®, is now available for free to every educator in America. The move comes in response to an education system in crisis and in need of resources that engage 21st-century students. SAS CEO Jim Goodnight announced the change, strongly reaffirming the company’s more than 30-year commitment to education.

SAS Curriculum Pathways provides content in the core disciplines of English, mathematics, social studies, science and Spanish. Aligned with state standards, it has more than 200 InterActivities and 855 ready-to-use lessons that enable technology-rich instruction and engage higher-order thinking skills. It is primarily for use in grades 8-12, though middle school content is in development.