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 Intel®Teach  in West Virginia

Resources for Master Instructors

Are you a "Rusty Intel Trainer"?  Here are the resources from the May, 2009, workshop offered to Intel MTs who needed a refresher course to prepare for upcoming sessions.  Lots of good stuff here - and it's also a good example of how a WIKI can be created by multiple people for one event. 

FAQ and RESOURCES for Trainers

How do I schedule a training and order materials?

The Course Management Tool (CMT) replaced the old Extranet in early 2009.  Your username and login are the same, so just login as usual.  Note - your login is case-sensitive!  On the start page you'll find the link to the User Guide, which is very user-friendly.

To schedule a class:

  • Start by selecting SCHEDULE A CLASS in the Classes tab on the left
  • As a Master Instructor, you'll be scheduling Participant Level classes
  • For The Essentials Course or Thinking with Technology, Select IN SERVICE for Class Category (unless you're delivering a Leadership Forum)
  • Select the Class Title from the list (until further notice, DO NOT select Essentials Online)
  • Intel Teach Affiliate (stays WV DOE)
  • LEA Enrollment (WV DOE)
  • Select start date and anticipated end date from menus
  • # Expected Students (Participant Teachers)
  • Select your name from the Instructor List (if it's not there, contact WVDE project coordinator)
  • Select your agenda from menu
  • Complete State and City where the training will be held
  • Include class schedule and location in the space provided for comments/notes
  • Check your information - at this point, your course is scheduled!
  • To order materials, select SEARCH CLASSES in the Classes tab on the left
  • Find your class
  • Click EDIT
  • Suggestion:  have materials delivered to the location site so you don't have to transport them yourself
How do I contact Intel for help with materials, scheduling a session, or anything else?
  E-mail Intel at: with any questions - be sure to complete their short survey after you've gotten your quick response.
Where can I get a login and password for the Course Management Tool?
  When you completed your Master Teacher Training, you were given your login information.  If you've lost it, contact Intel at and they'll help you retrieve it.
How do my participants complete the evaluation after they've finished their Intel training?
The Class Evaluation link can be found on the Course Management Tool site under "Related Links".  You'll need to provide your participants with the CLASS ID assigned to your course.  If you've forgotten it, you can locate it by returning to the CMT and finding your course in the same way as when you registered and ordered materials.

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