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ThinkQuest News for WV Classrooms!

You’re a classroom teacher with students interested in the International Category.  How do you get them started?

  •  Determine if your school has a ThinkQuest account.  Many West Virginia schools do have accounts already, especially if any of its teachers have attended TIS, SETLA, or TLI in the past 3 years, so ask around.  If you still don’t know, contact me at: and I’ll check your school’s account status.
  • Login and set up your personal website in ThinkQuest (see the tutorial below). 
  • Create 1 project that will be your “index page” for student projects (see tutorials below).
  • Create a one-page project “shell” for each student that will be participating in the International Category.  (see tutorials below)
  • Connect with a teacher somewhere else in the world that has a student who wants to work with a student in the United States.  (That’s the part ThinkQuest will help you with!  Details soon!)
  • Have your students watch the STUDENT TUTORIALS to learn how to create content in their project space.
  • Encourage communication between your student and his foreign partner through email, skype, chat, etc. 

Did you notice the phrase “see tutorials below” appeared often?  That’s because there are 9 mini-tutorials for teachers already created and ready to be viewed.  Those are all below, and are in short 2 – 3 minute segments so you only have to watch the ones you need.

Good luck!


For more information about ThinkQuest in West Virginia, contact:

Bodie Fulford (