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  Intel®Teach  in West Virginia

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between the Essentials Course and Thinking with Technology?



The Essentials Course builds a foundation of skills to fully integrate technology, ongoing assessment, and student-centered learning.  The Thinking with Technology Course introduces 3 thinking tools and how to use them in a project-based learning unit.  In both courses, participants develop a standards-based unit using one or more of the new tools they've learned about in the course. 
Read more about the courses on the Intel® Teach web site: compare the courses and learn more.

How much does it cost to use the Intel® Teach tools and web site?


Nothing!  All the resources are provided at no cost to educators around the world.
Why are trainers called MIs now instead of MTs?  And, what's a PL?

Intel® Teach has changed MT (Master Teacher) to MI (Master Instructor) because of the confusion over the letter "T".  Did it stand for Teacher or did it stand for Trainer?  By using the letter "I", it's easier to remember.  The same change was made for Senior Instructors.

Instead of using PT to identify Participant Teachers, we now use the term PL for Participant Level.

What's the difference between PT training and MI training?

PL training = Participant Level Training.  This is the course for teachers to learn the content of the course without learning about training others.  MI training = Master Instructor Training.  This course prepares candidates to become trainers and deliver the course to other teachers. 

How can I become a Master Instructor in the Essentials Course or Thinking with Technology?


About twice a year, we contact counties and RESAs for names of people they think would make good trainers for the Intel courses.  But, if you're a former PT and want to make sure you are considered when we ask for new instructor candidates, e-mail one of the contacts and we'll let you know when those trainings come around again.

How do I get to the Thinking Tools and Assessment Tool workspace?

Log in to the Teacher Workspace on the Intel Education web site to find all the tools.

I'm a Master Teacher.  How do I register a course and order materials?

There's a separate page for Master and Senior Instructors on this site. 

Who can I contact for more information?

The project contacts for Intel® Teach in West Virginia are:

Bodie Fulford -

Vicki Allen -


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