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The Intel® Teach Courses


Essentials Course


In the Intel® Teach Essentials Course, teachers will develop a standards-based unit of instruction that encourages multiple forms of assessment, attention to critical thinking, and rich technology integration.  Participants will collaborate with each other as they develop projects by using the most current 21st Century technology tools - the same tools they will be learning to use with their students.

West Virginia currently has 3 Senior Instructors and around 30 Master Instructors for the Essentials Course.

Essentials Online Course

(hybrid online and face-to-face)

The Intel® Teach Essentials Online Course provides the same content as the face-to-face version, in a blended online and face-to-face setting.  Currently, only the 3 Essentials Course Senior Instructors are certified to deliver the online versions.

Thinking with Technology

The Intel® Teach Thinking with Technology Course provides face-to-face experiences with three thinking tools that engage students and help them "see" their thinking.  As in the Essentials Course, teachers will develop a standards-based unit that includes the use of one or more thinking tools in it's design.

Leadership Forum

The Intel® Teach Leadership Forum provides face-to-face professional development focusing on the importance of leadership in promoting, supporting, and modeling the use of technology in instruction.  Through the forum, K-12 Administrators explore relevant research and behaviors related to supporting effective technology integration and associated professional development.

Faculty Review (Pre-Service)

Institutions of Higher Education that train and certify content-area K-12 teachers are eligible to provide both the Thinking with Technology Course and the Essentials Course to their pre-service teacher-candidates.  The Intel staff from WVDE, along with Marshall University, hosted faculty from 6 other institutions for the first faculty-review in June, 2009.  For more information about this session or to schedule an event on your campus, contact

Intel® Teach Elements
Are you looking for free, just-in-time professional development that you can experience now, anytime, or anywhere? Take our first course in a new series of high interest, visually compelling short courses that provide deeper exploration of 21st century learning concepts using:
  • Animated tutorials and audio dialogs to explain concepts
  • Interactive knowledge checking exercises
  • Offline activities to apply concepts