Procedures to Obtain an E-mail Account

  1. Obtain a copy of West Virginia Board of Education Policy 2460 and an Educational Internet Account application.
  2. Read and agree to Policy 2460.
  3. Complete the appropriate - either Educator or Student - Internet Email Account application form. Incomplete forms will not be processed.
  4. Have the application signed by a qualified Internet trainer who has provided you with staff development or training on the appropriate use of the Internet.
  5. Make sure that all necessary and original signatures are provided and that the form is complete.
  6. Enter names and account types online at
    For help see Help for Online Account Management Tools.
  7. In the case of applications for school staff/employees, mail the original completed application to the name and address indicated at the end of the form - no fax or photocopy accepted.

    In the case of applications for students, retain the completed application in accordance with policies and procedures of your school or county school system.

  8. The application will be processed at the WVDE. Incomplete forms will be returned to the sender. Names of qualified new users will be forwarded to WVNET for data entry.
  9. WVNET personnel will notify the designated school or county contact via e-mail when new accounts are activated.
Questions should be directed to the WVDE Office of Instructional Technology or WVNET contacts.