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K-12 Education Intranet


Trouble Reporting Contacts for Intranet Problems and Changes

List of RESA router technicians, WVDE Network Operations Center contacts and WVDE OTIS contacts.

View Real Time Graphs of Intranet Bandwidth Use

The link above only works using a computer connected to the K-12 Intranet.

Select the RESA that serves your location. Select your county and location. The blue graph indicates incoming traffic TO your location and the green graph represents traffic sent FROM your location. The maximum value in "bits per second" legend approximates the maximum bandwidth available to your router.

Intranet Planning Process

Statewide private IP addressing plan for K-12 public schools in West Virginia.

Intranet Implementation

Statewide router configuration changes for K-12 public schools in West Virginia.

Subnets and Gateways

Subnet and gateway configurations at the local level.

IP Addressing, General Considerations

General considerations when assigning IP addresses in a school.

Domain Name Server Registration

The West Virginia Department of Education's Domain Name Server Application is online in PDF format.