West Virginia K-12 Network and Services

100% of public K-12 schools in West Virginia are connected to the Internet. All public school facilities are part of the K-12 private network and are connected to the Internet through two Points of Presence (POP) within the state.  The WVDE provides Internet access to the schools through these two POPs.  A schematic of K-12 network design is available for viewing.

The WVDE Offices of Instructional and Administrative Technology work collaboratively to provide network services to WV public facilities. 

K-12 Intranet: Trouble Reporting Contacts, Intranet Planning Process, Intranet Implementation, Subnets and Gateways, Multi-Router Graph Analyzer, IP Addressing, General Considerations, Domain Name Registration.

K-12 E-Mail Accounts : How to obtain an e-mail account on access.k12.wv.us, general information, timely submission of applications, changes to accounts, account passwords, use of e-mail accounts, suggested Internet contact duties.

Public IP Address and/or Domain Name Service Registration Process: Information on the application process for obtaining a public IP address and/or a domain name associated with a web server located at a school, a county office or a RESA office.

WVDE Policy 2460: West Virginia K-12 Acceptable Use Policy ("Safety and Acceptable Use of the Internet by Students and Educators")

Recommendations for Broadband:  Broadband access is a critical need for education.  You can review the national recommendations for broadband implementations for the next 2-3 and 5-7 years.


School Internet Connections Historical Overview:

In 1994, Bell Atlantic-West Virginia (BA-WV; now Verizon-WV) offered Internet connections to nearly 700 schools in BA-WV territory which were already connected to the statewide administrative network (WVEIS). The program was known as the "Bell Atlantic WORLD SCHOOL Program." Two teachers from each school were provided training on the Internet by the West Virginia Department of Education, Office of Technology.  In 1996, Citizens Communications (now Frontier) offered an identical connection to all of the schools in their service territory - nearly 140 schools. Other smaller West Virginia telephone companies - Hardy Telephone, Armstrong Telephone, Spruce Knob Seneca Rocks Telephone, War Telephone, and West Side Telephone - also implemented a similar program to two dozen schools they serve. The Infomine Grant, SBA funds and E-rate discounts have helped with the purchase of routers and other equipment needed in these schools. 

WV public schools were provided professional development on Internet use by WVDE personnel.  A listing of Internet Resources by subject, lesson plan sites, listserv and e-mail netiquette was developed and is provided here for historical purposes as these pages have not been updated in quite some time and will appear styled in a previous template.

The WORLD SCHOOL program has been honored by the Computerworld Smithsonian Innovator Award program (1997), the NASIRE Technology Award program (1998) and the GII Next Generation Award program (1997).