Internet Web Filtering

The West Virginia Board of Education Policy 2460 Safety and Acceptable Use of the Internet by Students and Educators, §126-41-3. Use, 3.10. Safety,  explains the requirements, rationale and implementation of the Internet filtering of web sites for the K-12 public schools networks.

The filtering system will display a web page notice that a site is blocked in the event that an attempt is made to view a web site that has been categorized as having content that is not permitted within the scope of the above policy.

The "Access Denied" page will include an option for a network user to request that a web site be reviewed if the user believes that the web site contains content that is appropriate for use in a public school district.

In the event that a user discovers a web site that should be blocked by the Internet filters, an e-mail request should be sent to The request to block a site should include the URL or web site address, and a brief explanation why the web site should be blocked.

Questions should be directed to the WVDE Office of Instructional Technology or WVNET contacts.