K-12 E-mail Accounts

The K-12 e-mail system provides e-mail addresses for all students and employees of the public school systems in the state as well as employees of the WVDE and the RESAs. The e-mail system is jointly managed by the WVDE and WVNET.

Designated e-mail contacts at the schools and administrative offices manage the e-mail accounts assigned to their respective sites. The links below provide general information about the use of the e-mail accounts and documents related to the management of the system.

General Information

Procedures to Obtain an E-mail Account

Timely Submission of Applications

Changes to Existing Accounts

Account Passwords

Use of E-mail Accounts

Suggested Internet Contact Duties

WVDE and WVNET Contacts for access.k12.wv.us E-mail Accounts

Account Management Tools for E-mail Contacts

Help for Account Management Tools

Historical events of e-mail services for K-12 schools

May 1, 2007. All public education access.k12.wv.us email accounts were upgraded to the Sun Messaging System. The access.k12.wv.us users were sent a new password and instructions for transferring mail to the new system and to make necessary changes to the configuration of e-mail client software. Information was also provided in the news item http://wvde.state.wv.us/news/1413/ .