Questions on domain name server (DNS) registration should be directed to Bob McCoy, WVDE Office of Technology Integration and Support: or (304) 558-7880.

DNS Registration information on web server URL and IP assignments.

Policy 2460, "Educational Purpose and Acceptable Use of Electronic Resources, Technologies and the Internet" was revised and became effective on April 16, 2012. Policy 2460 is online at

The part of Policy 2460 pertaining to domain names:

5.4.d.  The WVDE will review and process appropriate applications for domain names for local servers.
5.6.k.  Server administrators or technical contacts requesting domain names for local servers must apply to the WVDE through an application process. Those receiving a domain name must follow all guidelines detailed as part of the application process, including the adoption of a current safety and acceptable use policy.

The application requests the IP address on the local server, the purpose of the request, and the physical location of the server. A technical and administrative contact and the appropriate signatures are also required. Naming conventions for the domain name have been adopted by the WVDE and will be assigned in accordance with the application process. The appropriate local acceptable use policy must accompany the application.

The application can be downloaded in PDF format using the link below.

Request for Public IP Address and/or Domain Name Server Registration Form - PDF file for print copies of the DNS Application