Help for E-mail Contacts Using Page 1026

Procedures for E-Mail Contacts to Submit New Account Applications and Online Tools For Managing Accounts:


E-mail application forms (paper forms) for school distict employees must still be prepared as usual with original signatures and complete information and mailed to the West Virginia Department of Education (WVDE), Office of Technology. E-mail application forms for students are retained at the school or district level in accordance with your district procedures.

A web page has been created for use by designated e-mail contacts to facilitate the management of e-mail accounts.
The URL is (hereafter referred to as Page 1026.)
This page requires a logon with the contact's e-mail user ID and password.

Page 1026 allows the e-mail contacts to enter the real name and account type before the applications are mailed to the WVDE. The school name and county name is automatically entered according to the logon of the e-mail contact person. Page 1026 requires some additional work by the contact and provides the following benefits:


  • Applications can be processed more quickly at the WVDE.
  • A list of names entered can be e-mailed to the contact as a record of forms submitted.
  • The contact can easily check for the existence of e-mail accounts before submitting forms.
  • The contact can request a list of accounts at his/her location at any time via e-mail.
  • The list of accounts is provided in "comma separated value" format for easy importing into spreadsheets and databases.
  • The contact can find the e-mail address of contacts at other locations for problem resolution.
  • E-mail applications can be downloaded in PDF format and printed out.
  • Certain fields of the e-mail applications can be filled out online before printing.

After the contact person enters the names and account types for new applications, the forms must be mailed to the WVDE within 2 working days. The date of online entry is recorded by the system so that status can be easily checked. If a contact has a large number of applications that cannot be entered online in two days, then the applications should be mailed in batches according to the date of entry into Page 1026 to avoid additional delays in the accounts being approved at the WVDE.

Detailed information, including screen captures of the web pages, is shown below:

Login by using your user ID and password.

login.gif (5234 bytes)


Verify that the information displayed after login is correct.

verify.gif (6684 bytes)


The next several pages show the online tools available and the process for inputting certain data before mailing the applications for new accounts to the WVDE.

This page shows the options that are available. You should create a list of all existing accounts for your location to review before submitting new applications. If you think a person, who has been assigned or transferred to your location, may already have an account, you can search for an existing account before submitting a new application. If an account exists and the location needs to be updated, notify one of the following:


cntcpage.gif (13358 bytes)

After collecting new applications which have been completed, the contact person will use this page to enter the complete name of the applicant and account type. The applications must then be mailed to the address on the back of the application.

adduser.gif (13811 bytes)

This page will be displayed after each applicant name is entered. If an error is made, delete the entry and re-enter the information. After entering all names for a batch of applications, you may e-mail yourself a copy of the list for your records. Remember to mail the applications to the WVDE in two working days or less.

listedit.gif (14329 bytes)

This search page may be used to determine if an account already exists for a person who may have an account from a previous location. If you wish to communicate with the e-mail contact person at another location, you can find the e-mail address here.

search.gif (7293 bytes)

When searching, use names or partial names separated by a space. You may also enter a user ID to find the real name and location of that user. This tool is not case sensitive. 

finduser.gif (5483 bytes)

You may generate a list of accounts that currently exist at your location using this tool. The list may be sorted and e-mailed to yourself. You cannot generate a list of accounts at other locations. Upon receiving the list, you may import the information into a spreadsheet or database if desired.


lstaccts.gif (9768 bytes)