100% of public K-12 schools in West Virginia are connected to the Internet. All public school facilities are part of the K-12 private network and are connected to the Internet through two Points of Presence (POP) within the state. The WVDE provides Internet access to the schools through these two POPs.

K-12 Intranet: Trouble Reporting Contacts, Intranet Planning Process, Intranet Implementation, Subnets and Gateways, Multi-Router Graph Analyzer, IP Addressing, General Considerations, Domain Name Registration.

K-12 E-Mail Accounts : General information on the Office 365 / K12 Email system.

Public IP Address and/or Domain Name Service Registration Process: Information on the application process for obtaining a public IP address and/or a domain name associated with a web server located at a school, a county office or a RESA office.

WVDE Policy 2460: West Virginia K-12 Acceptable Use Policy ("Safety and Acceptable Use of the Internet by Students and Educators")