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Model Information Media Center Grant Opportunity

DEADLINE: JUNE 30, 2010 BY 4:00 P.M.


The Technology Integration Specialist-Library Media (TIS-LM) Model Information Media Center grant is funded through the WVDE Office of Instructional Technology.  Library media specialists, because of their deep content expertise about the nature of inquiry and the construction of knowledge, are uniquely suited to ensure achievement of 21st-century student learning skills.  Schools that have a credentialed TIS Library Media Specialist (TIS-LM) on staff are eligible to apply for this grant.  (Current cohort members must agree to be credentialed by August 1, 2010.)


The goal of this grant is to develop a model for the 21st century library and library media specialist.  This model will become an example for schools across the state in the implementation of 21st Century Skills and technology integration methods that support transformation through the utilization of library media resources.


This grant will provide 50 HP laptops with wireless accessibility (valued at $48,550.00) that are to be used in the applicant school’s library under the coordination of the school’s Library Media Specialist TIS. A professional development plan will be designed to support all teachers and administrators in the implementation, use, and integration of technology and 21st century teaching/learning to increase student achievement.  The WVDE and school will jointly finalize the professional development plan.  This professional development plan will include components to extend and develop the school’s implementation of techSteps, project-based learning, professional learning communities, delivery of online and blended courses, student ePortfolios, digital content and other resources as identified by the school’s needs assessment. 


This initiative embeds technology in teaching, learning, assessment, infrastructure and productivity.  The TIS-Library Media Specialist will provide and/or coordinate, in partnership with the WVDE, appropriate technology integration and professional development activities for all teachers and administrators in the school.


Funds are limited; therefore only one application will be awarded.

The applicant must complete the online form with pertinent contact and school information prior to submission of grant application and signed assurances to the WVDE.


Contact Information URL:  https://spreadsheets.google.com/viewform?formkey=dElHTmZpUmFYZjIxQktuVG51RFpjVEE6MQ

Application and Assurances: Application and Assurances



(1) Grant applications released: April 27, 2010

(2) June 30, 2010, 4:00 p.m. – Grant application due

(3) August 1, 2010 – grant application awarded

(4) October 1, 2010 – all equipment must be installed/delivered at school.

(5) June 30, 2011 – Grant end date


Please direct questions to:


Julia Benincosa

Instructional Technology Coordinator,

Office of Instructional Technology

(304) 558-7880


Vicki Allen
Assistant Director,

Office of Instructional Technology
(304) 558-7880