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E-rate Contact Information for West Virginia and SLD

West Virginia Department of Education (WVDE)
Office of Instructional Technology (OIT)
Building 6, Suite 825
1900 Kanawha Blvd. East
Charleston, WV 25305-0330

Office of Instructional Technology Telephone Number 304.558-7880
Office of Instructional Technology Fax Number 304.558.2584
E-rate Contacts for West Virginia Julia Benincosa Legg, E-rate Coordinator

John Miller, Executive Director

Technology Plan Approval for WV Public K-12 John Miller, Executive Director
Tools for Schools Elementary and Secondary
(Formerly Basic Skills and SUCCESS Programs)
Wes Holland, Manager
Strategic Technology Planning for WV Counties and Schools Brenda Morris, Coordinator

Schools and Libraries Division (SLD) of USAC (national):

Client Service Bureau (CSB) Help Desk 888.203.8100
Submit a Question Online to the USAC/SLD
Fax to Help Desk 888.276.8736
Fax on Demand 800.959.0733
BEAR/Invoice Hotline - Disconnected Now call CSB: 888.203.8100
Questions about Disbursements - USAC Customer Resource Center 888.641.8722 or fax to 888.637.6226
Demand Payment Letters (discuss payment plans) 973.581.5395