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The Office of Instructional Technology provides statewide integrated technology initiatives, programs and projects for PreK-12 public schools and career, technical and adult education centers. The implementations include comprehensive components such as planning, hardware, software, infrastructure, professional development, instructional utilization, evaluations and assessment.

The web site lists the various partnerships and programs that advance the goals of the West Virginia Board of Education for 21st century teaching and learning. The progress to meet these goals is based on the valuable work of each district and school technology contact in conjunction with the Office of Instructional Technology.

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Technology Readiness Indicators for Online Testing

The WESTEST 2 assessment will move to an online platform in spring of 2014. There are several factors to consider when planning for online testing. When planning for wide-scale assessments, the traditional considerations include the number of students to be assessed, the number of subjects to be assessed, and the number of days available for testing. As we move to online testing, schools must now consider broadband and testing device availability when planning for testing. The following spreadsheets should be helpful in helping schools determine online testing readiness:

Broadband Indicators

Device Indicators

West Virginia Board of Education (WVBE) Policy 2460

Educational Purpose and Acceptable Use of Electronic Resources, Technologies and the Internet

West Virginia Board of Education (WVBE) Policy 2460, Educational Purpose and Acceptable Use of Electronic Resources, Technologies and the Internet (Policy 2460), is a policy name change and the replacement of the repealed policies noted in section 1.5 to: 1) include the new federal regulations regarding issues of child safety and acceptable use of the Internet; 2) be in compliance with Universal Service Fund for Schools and Libraries (E-rate) guidelines; 3) reinforce copyright compliance; and 4) align with other federal and state regulations.

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Use the button below to report any problem, issue or concern regarding telecommunications issues. This may include existing or new circuits/requests, BTOP implementation concerns, fiber/WAN implementation concerns or any other issue or problem you are experiencing. The WVDE will monitor all submissions and assist counties as needed. We are collecting this data to assist counties when needed and to track the types of issues districts experience related to telecommunications.

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techSteps Activities to Include Reading Supports

The WVDE provides techSteps, a personalized, project-based technology literacy curriculum, to all K-8 Schools in West Virginia to assist in ensuring that all students develop technology literacy within the context of 21st century learning. techSteps activities are sequenced to introduce technology skills developmentally and provide a completely integrated and systematic approach for students in meeting the development of technology literacy skills within curriculum. To continue the support of classroom instruction for all learners, techSteps activities are being enhanced with reading supports. These supports promote proven strategies relevant to all students and provide technology support for the struggling reader. These supports include:

  • Text Read Aloud
  • Text Size options
  • Reading Support Strategies
  • Media Rich Glossary (March 2011)
  • Progress Checks (March 2011)

For more information, contact Kathy Boone at 304-558-7880 or