Teach 21 Writing Rubrics

The Office of Assessment and Accountability and the Office of Instruction led a team of West Virginia content specialists to complete the development of West Virginia Writing Rubrics in grades 3 through 11. These rubrics, developed around grade level 21st Century Reading/Language Arts Contents Standards and Objectives, provide West Virginia educators a means of objective evaluation for student writing in all content areas as well as in the reading/language arts classroom. Each six-point level rubric, aligned to grade level objectives, evaluates the analytic traits of organization, development, sentence structure, word choice/grammar usage, and mechanics.

West Virginia Writing Rubrics will be an invaluable guide to West Virginia teachers in the development, improvement, and evaluation of student writing as they employ the 21st century skills of student-centered learning by providing students, teachers, and parents the power to understand and evaluate the process.

WVDE Instructional Writing Rubrics