WESTEST 2 Online Writing

Sample Passages and Prompts


WESTEST 2 Online Writing passages and prompts, which incorporate 21st century tools and skills, include the genres of descriptive, narrative, informative and persuasive writing. A team of West Virginia reading language arts teachers and CTB/McGraw Hill content specialists developed the passages and prompts, which were lexiled to appropriate grade-level readability. Additionally, the passages and prompts were aligned to grade level 21st Century Reading and English Language Arts Content Standards and Objectives for West Virginia Schools, specifically Standard 2: Writing, and were based on the educational standards for national assessments, such as NAEP, ACT and SAT. The passages and prompts were field tested in West Virginia schools in the spring of 2008 in grades 3-11.


Sample released field-tested passages and prompts are provided for each programmatic level. Additionally, several teacher-created sample passages and prompts that reflect the rigor of WESTEST 2 Online Writing are provided for instructional purposes. Additional samples will be added as they become available. These released and teacher-created passages and prompts will be an invaluable resource for West Virginia teachers as they continue to help students to improve their written communication skills to be successful in the 21st century.


              Field-tested Passages and Prompts


                                          Grade 3 Descriptive

                            Middle School

                                          Grade 6 Persuasive

                            High School

                                          Grade 11 Informative


              Teacher-created Passages and Prompts

                            Grade 3

                                          Grade 3 Descriptive Sample 1

                                          Grade 3 Descriptive Sample 2

                                          Grade 3 Narrative Sample 1

                                          Grade 3 Narrative Sample 2


                            Grade 4

                                          Grade 4 Descriptive Sample

                                          Grade 4 Narrative Sample

                                          Grade 4 Informative Sample

                                          Grade 4 Persuasive Sample


                            Grade 5

                                          Grade 5 Descriptive Sample

                                          Grade 5 Narrative Sample

                                          Grade 5 Informative Sample

                                          Grade 5 Persuasive Sample

               Other Writing Samples by Grade

                                  6th Grade

                                          7th Grade

                                          8th Grade

                                          9th Grade

                                         10th Grade

                                         11th Grade




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