Professional Development


Office of Assessment and Accountability

q  ACT Explore and Plan Training

q  Acuity (Formative Assessment) Training

q  APTA Administrative Training

q  APTA:  Using the Results

q  Fall/Spring Title I Directors Meetings

q  NAEP Training

q  Quarterly Training for New District Title I Directors

q  School Improvement Technical Assistance Meetings

q  Title I Coaching Initiative

q  Title I Mathematics Training

q  Title I Reading/Literacy Training

q  Title I Technology Integration Program

q  Title I Technology Integration Program Toolkit

q  WESTEST 2 Administration Training

q  WESTEST 2 Online Writing Training

q  WESTEST 2 Results Training

q  WESTEST 2 Test Development

q  Writing Roadmap 2 Training


Office of Instruction

q  Administrative Preparation for Implementation PBL

q  Adolescent Instruction Model for Literacy (AIM)

q  Algebra I Standards-Based Units and Strategy Bank

q  Center for Civic Education (workshops and speakers or facilitators for teacher PD)

q  Content Literacy

q  Designing a Driving Question and Entry Event for PBL

q  Designing a Quality Performance Assessment

q  Designing Standards-Focused Instructional Guides

q  Elementary Mathematics Video Lessons Series for Professional Development for Designers

q  Framework for High Performance 21st Century Elementary Classrooms

q  Framework for High Performance 21st Century High School Classrooms

q  Framework for High Performance 21st Century Middle School Classrooms

q  Geometry Standards-Based Units and Strategy Bank

q  TI84 and Graphing Calculator Training Series for High School Teachers

q  K-12 Understanding the Mathematics WVCSOs

q  Math 7 Mathematics Standards-Based Units and Strategy Bank

q  Math Science Coalition:  Plan is underway to bring together higher education, educators, business and industry, and community members to provide guidance in math/science.

q  Mathematics PBL Plan Training Series for Developers (6th grade, 8th grade and Algebra I)

q  Mathematics Program Improvement Review (MPIR)

q  Model Classrooms for Standards-Focused Instructions

q  Model Classrooms for Social Studies

q  National Council on Economic Education (workshops and speakers for teacher PD)

q  NSTA/WVDE Partnership (SciPack):  Providing online content enhancement modules for 80 Middle School and Elementary Teachers

q  Online Professional Development

q  Personal Finance Instructional Guides PD Series K-12

q  Professional Development Modules

q  Quality Rubric Design

q  Research-Based Instructional Strategies

q  RTI for Elementary Mathematics

q  Secondary PBL Projects

q  Standards-Based Unit Design

q  Teacher Leadership Institutes

q  TI73 Graphing Calculators Training Series for Middle School Teachers

q  Understanding Copyright Laws for Educators

q  Unpacking the CSOs and Identifying Learning Targets

q  Using Lexiles to Improve Reading Comprehension in your Classroom

q  Using Quantiles to Improve Student Mathematics Performance

q  Using Strategy Bank on Teach 21

q  Using Teach21 for Professional Development

q  Vocabulary Development in the Comprehension in Your Classroom

q  Writing Across the Curriculum

q  Writing Modules for Teacher Professional Development, K-12

q  WV Geographic Alliance (collaborative summer programs and workshops)


Office of Special Programs

q  Camp Gizmo

q  Celebrating Connections Pre-K Conference

q  New Special Education Directors Conference

q  Phonological Awareness Training

q  Pre-K Principal Workshop Series

q  Reading Research Symposium

q  RESA Level Pre-K Directors Conference

q  Response to Intervention

q  SLD Eligibility Determination Trainings

q  Special Education Director’s Conference

q  Special Education Directors Conference

q  Special Education Teacher Leadership Academy

q  WV Fall Gifted Conference


Office of Technology

q  E-Learning for Education courses

q  Intel Teach Courses

q  Tech Steps Professional Development

q  Technology Conference

q  TFS Professional Development

q  TIS Program

q  West Virginia Virtual School PD