WESTEST 2 is an untimed custom-designed summative assessment aligned to West Virginia’s 21st Century Content Standards and Objectives (CSOs) in the area of online writing, reading and language arts, mathematics, social studies and science for grades 3 through 11.  The assessments within WESTEST 2 measure student level of performance on clearly defined standards and objectives and skill levels.


Aligned to 21st Century Content

WESTEST 2 items are the results of two year collaboration by West Virginia educators, West Virginia Department of Education’s Office of Assessment and Accountability, Instructional Services, Special Programs, and Technology.  Under the leadership of the Office of Assessment and Accountability and CTB/McGraw-Hill, West Virginia educators developed assessments made up of multiple choice items in al content areas and gridded response items in Mathematics and Science and document based question items in Social Studies.


Measures of Performances

West Virginia WESTEST 2 ONLINE WRITING:  The 2009 administration of WESTEST 2 will include a writing component which measures the writing ability of all students in grades 3-11.  Students will submit an online writing sample which will be scored on a six-point scale in five traits – organization, development, sentences, sentence structure, word choice/grammar usage and mechanics.  The online writing scores will be included in the overall score of the reading/language arts portion of WESTEST 2.


Reading/Language Arts:  Reading/Language Arts is administered in three sections:  Section One measures knowledge of the writing process and writing skills, including editing skills (Online Writing).  Section Two and Three measure reading comprehension skills and writing strategies/skills in high interest, 21st century context.  In these two sections, students are tested in a multiple-choice format with the reading questions measuring reading for literacy and for informational purposes, critical thinking, synthesis of data and reasoning.


Social Studies:  This test measures ability to process content knowledge, apply social studies skills and demonstrate critical thinking, problem solving to reach valid conclusions in real-world situations.  Items address conceptual understanding of content in citizenship, global awareness, financial literacy, civic participation, and health and wellness.


Science:  This test measures content of science application and nature of science.  Items emphasize critical thinking and problem solving skills.


Mathematics:  This test measures the ability to perform in the areas of numbers and operations, algebra, geometry, measurement, and data analysis and probability.



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